Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Gender Bender #17

Alexander Mcqueen Flapper Novak bag

Another amazingly chic shoulder style bag from the ingenious Alexander Mcqueen. A different spin from his classic Novak range of bags, this Flapper Novak Bag is larger and taller. Crafted with beautiful dove coloured leather, and embellished with shiny metal buckles and zippers, this is another bag that screams 'buy me'! WOW. I am especially attracted by the turn lock clasp that goes over the top of the bag. I am a fan of this kind of closure for bags. There is also a combination of zipped, press stud and buckle pouches at the front. How interesting. There are also metal feet attached to the base, panel detailing and is fully lined. So all in all, amazing amounts of details that goes into the production of this bag.

The size is a generous 21.5"(W) x 19"(H) x 5"(D). These dimensions are perfect to fit the physique of a guy. The price is also incredibly attractive. WOW again from me:-P This Flapper Novak Bag is definitely going to compliment many looks!

Retail price: UK 760 pounds. Where to buy:

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

My MANy Bags News #08

Saks 2 Day Online Sale for Spring 2008

Can you believe it? It's starting already...spring summer 2008 markdowns has started at Saks! I wish I am living in would have been another shopping spree for me:-) But this time, way ahead of anyone else for Spring Summer 2008 merchandise markdowns. And the discount is not's a hefty 40%! WOW!

So if any guys in US is reading this...go shop shop shop! I am envious. Wonder when will Singapore get the sale season started for the luxury stores. Hopefully soon. I am getting reluctant to buy Spring Summer items at full price now.

For Singapore guys who cannot wait till the actual sale season, Club 21 is having a 20% discount storewide this labour day weekend. As well as CK Calvin Klein for 15%. It's better than nothing. So remember to check out the stores this weekend.

The Material Boy #82

Dolce Gabbana Silver Buckle Tire Tread Sandals

I have been blogging and blabbering so much about the pair of mid-calf high cut gladiator sandals by D&G. Yes, a pair of women's sandals that could work for a 'bold' guy. I am still contemplating on whether to get that as all of a sudden I am having a 'panic attack' for my masculinity thinking about that pair of sandals. hahaha. That is why I want to blog on this pair of Dolce and Gabbana sandals that is the ultimate in masculine expression. Definitely robust and macho in design, this interesting pair of sandals features 2 sleek silver buckles, mesh fabric material and most importantly, super gripping tire tread texture on the rubber sole that gives real rock climbing footwear a run for its money.

In a way, this pair of sandals reminds me of Miu Miu's mens footwear when it first started. Miu Miu uses tough mesh fabrics and chunky rubber soles back then. Well, fashion is like a ferris wheel, it always comes back. This time Dolce and Gabbana put their spin on these materials and reincarnate them into a pair of sandals that is both gladiator lookalike and sports influenced.

For all the masculine men out there who wants 'unquestionable' manly footwear, this is the pair of sandals for you. I have tried this on (in black colour) last weekend, it feels amazingly comfortable and cool. Sizing is on the big side, so you may have to wear one size down.

Retail price: SGD $1169. Where to buy: Dolce Gabbana Boutique at Hilton Hotel

Monday, 28 April 2008

The Material Boy #81

Gucci White Leather Sneakers with Gucci Script Embroidery and Silver Studs

Talk about punk and seems Gucci managed to pull off these 2 aspects of spring men's look with ease for spring summer 2008. The Gucci Spring Summer 2008 collection Gucci Menswear grew on me over the past few weeks. It just gets more and more appealing to me. But I can never find the items I want in Singapore stores as they usually do not bring in the more pricey and edgy runway looks. I had been 'struggling' to find things to buy from the Singapore stores. :-P Either the items were too expensive, or they dun have my desired styles.

Last Saturday I was at the store again, and I went to check out the footwear which I have been neglecting. And here's one of the shoes that caught my eye. I had bought a pair of gingham checks A/X shorts and it strike me all of a sudden that this pair of white leather sneakers with metal studs and the Gucci script embroidery is perfect to add a speck of dashing red and rocker chic to the look. I was originally not a fan of the Gucci script embroidery as it looked a bit cheap in the production, especially on the T-shirts. Maybe using it in a bigger size makes the embroidery show it's crude handwork. But used at a smaller size, it actually works! The silver studs has character and I start to fall for it:-)

I am not sure what the SGD price is. But you can find it on for US$550. So I reckon it would translate to Approx. SGD$800.

I think I am falling in love with too much footwear. I cannot resist shoes. Should I get this(which I know I will wear it for ages to come) or the D&G mid calf gladiator sandals(I might keep it in the box for a while questioning if I will look too dramatic wearing them)? I hate making choices:-(. hahaha. Any suggestions?

On a last note, remember to tune in the channel 5's 'Fashion Forward' for the coverage of the Gucci Fashion show I attended a few weeks ago. Was a fabulous event.

Retail price: US$550. Where to buy: Gucci Boutique at Paragon or

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Computer Down!

If you dun see any new posts here for the next few days, it is becos my laptop broke down. Seems it shuts down by itself from time to time. sometimes okay..usually not. Cannot even power up. Looks like I will not be able to shop for a while...have to buy a new laptop:-( so sad.

watch this space for updates on my computer. cheers!


Laptop is back with me. Seems the laptop is afraid of the 'doctors' at ishop. It behave properly and was perfectly okay. It's throwing tantrums at me. Hope I have appease the machine. :-( Bought a new battery and some leg stands to allow cooling. Hope the laptop can last till Jul or August when my budgeting allows for a new computer. Too many things to buy now:-P

The Material Boy #80

D&G Black Mid Calf Strap Gladiator Sandals

I know I am suppose to be planning for my fall/winter wardrobe by now and refrain from big purchases for the spring summer items. Especially when spring summer sales will probably starting in over a month's time. But leave it to the fates and powers beyond my control, I have been tempted again.

D&G finally received their shipment of the runway items. And amidst that shipment came this gorgeous D&G Gladiator Sandals that is TDF! A strappy version that runs up your mid calf(which is never seen for men's and mostly for women), I am so tempted by it! And it is not everyone that is 'blessed' with the ability to fit into these sandals. Yes, this is a women's design, but the SAs told me, some women who have bigger calfs cannot even fit into their desired size. So this shoe requires a 'Cinderella' luck to find its place in your shoe closet. And I am not the only guy wanting to buy this. Several people have enquired and tried(i know the SAs in D&G tried..:-P) However, the cut is so slim for the sole area, so most guys can never fit into these as well.

Lucky me, seems my feet is slim enough to slide into these with ease and still look amazing. hahaha. I am bragging a bit. But I am never shy to be proud of my height. The sandals looked like a part of a costume in the gladiator movie. It is surprisingly unisex looking. The black version is in fact, masculine in feel. I love it. Love the uniqueness and the thought that I am probably one of the few guys who can fit into these. The gold hardware also stood out against the black leather. The male SAs were full of envy when they saw me fit into the sandals.

So now, what's left is my decision to buy or not buy. I need to save money, been spending too much and I also got a pair of A/X shorts and new D&G Khaki Coloured Long Sleeve Shirt with black piping over the past 2 days. Plus my laptop is playing up again and I fear I may need to purchase a new laptop soon:-(. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I have up to next Tuesday to make a decision.

Retail price: SGD $1399. Where to buy: D&G Boutique at Forum, The Shopping Mall

Saturday, 26 April 2008

My Bag Collection #26

Mulberry/Kim Jones White Pebbled Leather Sling Bag (SOLD)

White bags are a hard bunch to maintain. It picks up dirt easily and can demand a lot of maintenance. I seldom would want to get white bags unless I am attracted to the bag because of its design or most importantly, price:-)

Hence, when I had a chance to own this Sling bag by Mulberry and Kim Jones (a collaboration), I grab at it. The bag was a steal at 50% discount! The leather was beautiful. I was crazy about Mulberry at that point in time and I love the perforated shoulder strap. The bag is functional and easy and lightweight to carry around on casual weekends. All these reasons make this bag a must-have! I never expected Kim Jones and Mulberry to be doing a collaboration. The design features interesting zip details and a front pocket that has the bag tag as a zipper pull. A great summer look and timeless bag.

Retail price: SGD $1200. Where to buy: Club 21 Mens At Four Seasons Hotel

My Shopping Conquest #04

A/X Gingham Checks Shorts

I was doing my rounds of retail therapy and also in the name of 'research' for my blog, when I spotted this pair of gorgeous shorts from Armani Exchange Boutique in Paragon.:-)

I have never been a huge fan of Armani Exchange, seeing I grew out of the things I bought there as fast as your F1 racing. The sizing is also not right for me. And the clothes dun fit well. But when I tried on this pair of shorts, it looked great. The length was just right, above the knee(which is the trend for shorts this season) and the waistline was a rare size 28, which seldom can you find for men's clothing. The belt loops are decorated and fastened by buttons and features two back pockets, which I love. Makes my bum look bigger. Hahaha. Furthermore, I needed a pair of stylish and 'affordable' shorts that will withstand dirt and grime for my upcoming travels to Java, Indonesia(I will be doing semi backpacking style of travelling). In addition, I have been looking for a pair of checkered shorts in black and white to match my Gucci Checks Tote bag. So all these factors come into play which got me attracted to the shorts. At an incredible price, I just have to have it. So here you go, my story for my latest acquisition and the best part, I dun pay full price due to my Club 21 discount. :-P

Retail price: SGD $179. Where to buy: Armani Exchange Boutique at Paragon

Friday, 25 April 2008

The Material Boy #79

Jil Sander Leather Strap Sandals

Presenting yet another design of sandals from Jil Sander's Spring 2008 men's collection. I really am impressed with Jil Sander's collection this season, especially the sandal design. Maybe it is the use of patent leather and also a simple colour scheme that becomes appealing and easy to coordinate with clean looks. I also like the comfort of wearing these sandals on the padded soles.

This is another design from the extensive range of shoes that was presented on Jil Sander's runway. Instead of a cut-out design, this version features horizontal leather straps with a back heel fastening. Simple, uncluttered and modern. No hardware is used which is probably why it looks different from other designers' creations.

Club 21 Mens do not stock this design. But I would love to buy these if it was available. I reckon the price will be the same as the other 2 designs I featured here before.

Food for thought...

Balenciaga Runway Perforated Floral Print Foam Dress

Imagine my expression when I saw this dress made available online via Yes, this is one of the most memorable looks from Balenciaga that defines this season's trend and innovation in fashion. But at a super impressive price tag of UK 4570 pounds...will you dare to splurge on this dress(of course if you are a woman) and buy it online? Imagine a SGD $13,000 dollar item shipped and handled thru the hands of many people and enduring the rigours of air travel, while not being able to try out the item to see if it really fits you. For me, I cannot imagine, I will never attempt to buy anything this expensive online. What if it is lost in the mail? or damaged? Will Fedex or DHL insure against such a huge amount of money? Wonder who in the world is bold enough to do so. Maybe some rich mistress of some famous people. Will you make such a huge online purchase? Food for thought eh?

Retail price: UK 4570 pounds (Approx. SGD $13,115). Where to buy:

The Runway Sniper #06

Gucci Menswear Fall Winter 2008/2009

Fashion takes you places. Inspirations from all over the world are often influences in collections we see season after season. For fall winter 2008/2009, Frida Giannini of Gucci takes her men to Russia. Tousle-haired, dark-eyed gypsy boys dominate the runway, clad in skinny low slung velvet riding pants, folkish printed tunic while decorated excessively with scarves and chain belts dangling with coins and charms. It's an overwhelming collection that explodes with the decadence of Russia, with huge focus on accessories. A new Gucci symbol of the griffin is also introduced throughtout the collection, in the form of badges and embellishing boots and belts.

To some this may look too risky for a men's collection. Too rich with detailing which a lot of guys may not buy into the look. But I must admit, I love it. Perhaps not all, but if you managed to break down the overwhelming accessorized looks, you can find treasures in the individual pieces. I love the military inspired bomber jacket in tan/olive colour, beautifully decorated with brass stud buttons. A red jacket is also one of the key pieces that stood out on the runway. I adore the chain belts with charms and coins but I suspect it will cost you a leg and arm when it hits the stores. The studded wrap around belt is interesting and could work well as an accent piece for an otherwise simple outfit. Bags that work both as a tote and sling bag is my must-buy item. Done in a new colour of the monogram or black suede, these bags has amazing amounts of detailing with studs and Gucci crest, right down to adorning even the shoulder straps.

I have to admit, this is a clever way of putting together a collection. Becos the looks are a combination of so many elements, it can disperse into the stores as individual pieces that will see different consumers of varying budgets buying different items. A collection that will work for many budgets in this 'inflation plagued' time.

I have started to plan my fall winter 2008/2009 shopping. I know I will be putting a huge chunk of my fall fashion $$$ on Gucci next season.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Gender Bender #16

Balenciaga Thyme Green Weekender Bag

I have been wanting to post this bag here since I started this blog. It seems Balenciaga Weekender Bag is a recurrent classic bag, it never goes out of style, so I have put off posting this bag for a long time.

What I am featuring here is the women's version of the Balenciaga Weekender Bag. There is also a men's version which if your male psyche do not allow you to buy women's bag, do not fret.:-) You have the men's version to fall back on.:-)

So what is the difference between the men's and women's weekender? I ask this question to myself as well. So I check with the SAs at Club 21 and the women's Balenciaga store and this is the answer I got:

1) Mirror - The most distinctive difference for this bag between both genders is the mirror that is attached to the women's version. Of course, guys will not have that luxury of being able to check on themselves all the time...nevertheless, the mirror can be removed if guys decide to buy the women's version.

2) Size - Apparently, the men's weekender is slightly larger than the women's version. The difference is not too much, but as a true fashionista and fashionisto, even a 1 cm difference can make or break a look. So depending on your frame and build, choose the size that most suits you.

3) Handle length - Guys have bigger arms and shoulders so they need longer handles to sling the bag on their shoulders. So remember to try the bags on and decide which one is most comfortable. Becos I am slim, both works for me.

4) Prices - Can you believe it...smaller sizes, shorter handles and an extra mirror for the women's weekender actually cost you more than the men's version. The price may be SGD$100 difference..but to some, this could be a deciding factor on which version to buy.

5) Colour range - Lastly, my most important consideration...:-) the colours for women's weekender bag comes in a exciting multi range of hues, while the men's version is limited to masculine colours. I have only seen Black, Brown, Blue and other more subdued colours in men's range. So for me, if I want something a bit more outstanding, I go for the women's version. I have seen a guy carry a bright red version and it looks so chic! I love the coral green version(as featured on the pics) I saw the other day at the women's Balenciaga boutique. Might be too colourful for some guys..but I love it. Who knows, I may get that if I suddenly feel like a splash of colour to add to my bag collection. So I am contemplating hurries though, this is a recurrent bag...never too late to get it, except the colours you want might be unavailable next season.

So here you go, my blabbering for Balenciaga Weekender Bag. Hope it helps to make sense of the difference and enable better decision making when it comes to buying this beautiful timeless bag.

Retail price:
1) Women's Weekender: SGD $2799

2) Men's Weekender: SGD $2699

Where to buy:
1) Balenciaga Boutique at Hilton Hotel (Women's)

2) Club 21 Mens at Four Seasons Hotel (Men's)

The Material Boy #78

Gucci Canvas/Leather High Top Sneakers

I have put off my search for a pair of white high top sneakers for a while now. Distracted by clothes and other bags....but now I continue my search again for my white high tops. This is one of the shortlisted. Gucci's Canvas/Leather High Top Sneakers. It features a black and white contrasting sole branded with Gucci Script logo and open studs and Gucci Crest symbol decorating the sides. Comes in 2 variants, one of which is black and white while the other has red leather trimming for a more outstanding colour scheme. These high tops look amazing with skinny pants, especially the checkered ones...I so lust for those pants which is not available in Singapore stores.

Retail price: Euro $385. Where to buy:

Gender Bender #15

Chloé Elvire Patent Lambskin Boston Bag

Another desirable bag from Chloé that works for men as well! Love the little bits of detailing that makes Chloé bags unique...this time, the interesting frilled tabs where the handles are attached. It has a doctor's bag style of magnetic opening, which I love and another cross strap slide in closure for added security. I also love the way the handles are being designed, a loop then with brass rings to create an interesting detailing. The entire bag is made of black patent lambskin, ultra soft and very beautiful in an understated way. I totally will be able to work this bag with my tall frame. Especially so, when the size is a generous 33cm(h) x 49cm(w) x 25cm(d). This non-frivolous designed boston bag is chic without being too feminine and will be practical to use daily.

Retail price: US $2280. Where to buy:

Gender Bender #14

Chloé Large Audra Zipped Tote in Elephant Colour

It's been a while since I did a post on the 'Gender Bender' category. Have not been able to spot any bags of late that works for both genders. That is until this morning while surfing on, I found this beautiful patent lambskin Audra Zipped Tote by Chloé! I adore the colour, strangely named elephant, but most of all, the patent lambskin, which is soft and yet luxurious. Signature Chloé style of chunky hardware has been applied to the design of this tote bag. Featuring oversize leather studs on the side straps and a brass turn-lock which adds a lot of fun and appeal to this lovely tote. The details are not at all girly, so guys can rock the bag too!

At a size of 34.5cm(h) x 40.5(w) x 19.5(d), it will fit the larger frames of guys or tall women. Big bags are the way to go anyway, so sizes are bigger the better. Also comes in a light blue and black colour. But this 'elephant' colour is the most stunning:-P

I wonder if Singapore Chloé boutique will stock this bag. Hope so!

Retail price: US $1580. Where to buy:

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Material Boy #77

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Woven Tote With Front Leather Trim

This is probably the closest alternative you can get if you want a Bottega Veneta cabat tote and cannot afford it. I would not consider the version with flat leather strap handles close as rolled handles look so much more luxurious and comfortable to carry.

I am amazed at the price difference between this lovely tote to the cabat. Probably becos the cabat has dual layer intrecciato woven leather which makes it more challenging and time consuming to produce. But nevertheless, this more affordable version looks no less luxurious than its more expensive counterpart. Originally introduced in the fall winter 2006 men's collection, this woven tote bag has now made it on the staple range of bags from Bottega Veneta. It has been reincarnated in a variety of colours from chocolate brown to beige and also this lovely tan brown colour. The tote bag comes in 2 different sizes, the larger one of course looks more appealing as I am a 'big bags' kinda guy. The front and back of the bag is decorated with complimentary coloured leather trims which gives an interesting detailing. I also love the woven leather handles which looks so luxurious.

This is a bag that oozes sophistication without screaming with a huge brand label. I am looking forward to owning this bag in the very near future. Buying from Europe will of course save me big bucks!

Retail price: From US $2580. Where to buy: Bottega Veneta Boutique at Paragon

The Material Boy #76

Jil Sander Blue Leather 'Cut-out' Sandals

I think by now, all of you would have guessed I am a huge fan of sandals. I dun know why...but it seems I love the feeling of having my feet properly 'ventilated' and it feels so comfortable amidst Singapore's warm and humid weather. These days designers have made sandals an important accessory for any male's wardrobe, sometimes to the extent of becoming a key trend for a season, such as this season's gladiator style sandals.

Jil Sander always 'escaped' my 'shopping radar' for many years. Maybe the refined minimal brand direction has not resonate with me the past years. But as of this spring summer 2008 season, I adore the creations of Raf Simons. He made transparency and lightness so appealing and his colour palette was refreshing and the silhouettes appealing for slim people like me. I especially love the sandals he had for this season. So here am I, introducing another design of his. This blue leather 'cut-out' style(which seem to be a key trend for SS08 footwear) sandals may not look the most stunning on the shelf but when worn, it always looks gorgeous matched with skinny pants. I have seen so many fashion editorials that feature this design (together with the triangle cut version I bought) and I am completely sold for this pair as well. Club 21 still has this pair of sandals in a lighter blue and I am hoping to get it during sale time, if sizes are still available. I am never complaining about more shoes. hahaha.

Retail price: SGD $699. Where to buy: Club 21 Mens at Four Seasons Hotel

Monday, 21 April 2008

My MANy Bags News #07

Dolce and Gabbana The One for Men Fragrance

Watch out guys...for the new fragrance by the italian duo, infamous for sexy, sensual and masculine modern menswear. The newly launched fragrance has already hit the stores in Europe and my friend from UK used it on our trip to Bali, which smelled excellent. I am planning to get one for myself once Singapore gets the stock. Mathew McConaughey is the spokesperson for the advertising. Very sensual TV spot. But I love the musky scent and bottle design the most. Should hit Singapore stores soon.

Here's the synopsis for the concept of the fragrance:

The One for Men perfectly reflects the Dolce & Gabbana man: charismatic and seductive, elegant and sophisticated, he loves taking care of himself. A modern hedonist who nevers passes by unobserved.

“We dedicate The One for Men to the Dolce & Gabbana man: modern, sensual, cosmopolitan, attentive to caring for himself and his body. A man blessed with inborn charisma, self confidence, and no fear in expressing his personality through the perfume he wears.”

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

The Material Boy #75

D&G Flip Top Nylon Messenger Bag

Travelling light and yet looking stylish is a hard chore. Not only do you need to balance practicality of the outfits and maintain a trendy wardrobe for the trip, you also need a complimentary bag to keep all of these while avoiding adding too much weight to the luggage. That is why I always feel nylon bags are the way to go while travelling. Not only is the material tough, waterproof and light weight, most important of all, it leaves you worry free to subject the bag to airport/airplane security scrutiny.

But sadly, most nylon bags that is available are not the most appealing in design. It leaves you look like a college kid and not the trendy metrosexual I want to be. On Saturday, while shopping in D&G, I found the perfect bag for my travelling needs! My heart pulsates with enthusiasm when I saw this bag.

Presenting the D&G Nylon Flip Top messenger bag with multi-pockets. Very practical, functional and roomy to keep lots of travel items. It looks trendy in a good understated way (The D&G logo is hidden under the flap which has a zipper, for all your air tickets and documents) as well. You dun want to shout out too loud while travelling. The military green is tough on acquiring dirt and will withstand the rigours of travels.

What makes it even better is the price, at only SGD $ can 'use and abuse' without feeling too bothered that an expensive bag is worn out. And for those who like their bags big, there is a bigger version available in bright neon green which retails for SGD $569. I like both!

Now, travelling can be stylish and practical.:-P

Retail price: SGD $499. Where to buy: D&G Boutique at Forum, The Shopping Mall

Sunday, 20 April 2008

My Shoe Collection #25

Marni White Leather Sandals

I have adored Marni since 2006. The first time I notice this brand was when I saw a beautiful white bag in Club 21 Mens but miss out on getting that as I was hesitant. When I wanted the bag a day later, it was sold. So I had to find an alternative to owning my first Marni piece. Hence, when I first lay eyes upon this pair of sandals, I am totally won over by the soft off-white colour and the interesting double strap design. The sole of the sandal was padded so comfort was a huge draw as well. Works perfectly for summer looks and hence, out flashes the mighty credit card and this is how I got my first Marni piece into my wardrobe:-P

Retail price: SGD $539. Where to buy: Club 21 Mens at Four Seasons Hotel

My Shopping Conquest #03

Jil Sander Khaki Coloured Canvas 'Graffiti' Belt

It is here again...The Bargain Hunter's event of the year...the Club 21 Bazaar Sale for 2008. As an avid shopaholic, of course I have to make my appearance even if it means ransacking heaps of past season designer goods, fighting with other 'competitors' to dig out that coveted piece or braving mile long queues just to pay up. Having said that, I usually end up with nothing. Hahaha. I either cannot find my size, cannot find what I like...or the mess is too overwhelming that I lack patience. But on Saturday, I drop by Hilton Hotel to try my luck again and guess what, it seems I finally found something that I like and bought it in my first Bazaar sale shopping conquest! Hurray!

This Jil Sander canvas belt with a silver textured metal buckle and 'graffiti' prints was my proud conquest. I just happened onto the belt lying there sadly on one of the racks and I grabbed it, alongside a Dries Van Noten white silver sequined shirt(which was too big for me and I have to give it up. No point buying things that dun fit even if it is so cheap). I thought to myself, wow... I never thought Jil Sander ever did a 'grunge/street' look. This belt was from Spring Summer 2006, before Raf Simons officially took over the design reins, and propel it to the next level of popularity.

This canvas belt is lightweight which is perfect for travelling. And it matches jeans or pants(as shown on the runway pic) and my usual casual look. But what is most tempting, is the hefty 74% discount on the belt. Originally retailing for SGD $269, I paid only $70. Yeah, it's past season..but what the heck. I like it..and that is all that matters. The silver textured metal buckle was unique and I had to have it:-)

Retail price: SGD $269. Where to buy: Club 21 Bazaar Sale at Hilton Hotel (Now over)

Friday, 18 April 2008

The Material Boy #74

Marni Large Padded Drawstring Shoulder Bag

Been a while since I found something that excites me from Marni's man bags. But I was checking the website today and spot this interesting bag immediately. On some occasions, you really want a bag that blings and flaunts. But on certain days, you just feel you want a bag that is easy to use, no worries of it getting worn or tarnished and feels comfy, carefree to be lugging around. This Marni bag is the perfect choice:-)

Made of soft padded techno fabric, it features a nice drawstring closure. Comes with a single leather strap handle that is fasten by metal studs. I love the way the bag is made soft and non structured. It reminds me of a duffle bag sailors carry. And of course being off white helps to give a vibe of the sea and summer weather. Sporty, chic and understated. It embodies what Marni stands for. :-) The price tag is also very affordable:-P

Retail price: Euro $285. Where to buy:

The Material Boy #73

Prada Tan Suede Open Toe Sandals

Last night I attended the 'Trembled Blossoms' animation presentation at the Prada Paragon Boutique in Paragon and I thought I want to do another post for Prada, in view of their wonderful event:-) They literally took apart the store and change the entire interior. It felt more like an exhibition space. I was impressed. Too bad, photography was not allowed. Would have taken a few pics to post here:-(

Well, that said, presenting another pair of gorgeous sandals from Prada that have yet to make it to Singapore shores. It seems shoe/sandal hybrid is the trend this season. Shoes that resembled sandals and vice versa. This pair of sandals has open toe in the front and that of a covered shoe in the rear. Looks like a pair of monk strap shoe given a few die-cuts here and there to expose the feet:-) It definitely worked to create a unique design.

As shown on the runway, works great for pants. Made of suede with leather trim. The runway version is of patent leather, which I liked better. Hope we get to see this in the Singapore stores soon.

Retail price: UK 280 pounds. Where to buy:

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

The Material Boy #72

Marc Jacobs Suede Lace-up Shoe with Pink Trim

With shoes in colours like this pair of Marc Jacobs suede lace-up shoe, you know summertime is here! Although Singapore does not have any seasonal changes, it is still comforting to know the world is getting warmer and everyone gets into a more cheery mood:-) Dressing becomes more casual with bright colours and lesser clothes.

This pair of lace-up shoe is imbued with a strong summer feel:-) A bright pink trim adds to the quirky and fun style. This easily pair up with madras shorts and add a dash of bright hue to a simple outfit. Definitely makes you get noticed in the 'colour wars' going on the street:-) I love it!

Found this on a new retail website called The site is operated by

Retail price: US $460. Where to buy: