Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Material Boy #93

Louis Vuitton Red Tobago Keepall 50

I was browsing thru a fellow blogger's blogsite yesterday when I spotted this amazing Louis Vuitton bag he got during his recent trip to Geneva. I was drooling when I caught a glimpse of this beautiful red leather keepall. I have been hunting for a red bag for a while now and this bag is just pure luxury and very eye catching, fitting my requirements for a red bag. It's a simple design with white stitching details and accentuated with gold hardware. The gold and red combination is exceptionally brilliant. Very roomy and crafted with soft cowhide leather, the Tobago Keepall is slouchy and unstructured which makes it comfortable to carry around. Some guys might prefer bags that holds its shape, but in this duffel bag style, I would prefer a soft, unstructured look.

Although this bag is from a couple of seasons back, the design is timeless. Since Louis Vuitton do not manufacture this range of bags anymore, you will be owning a limited edition bag if you managed to find them. This thought will make you treasure this bag even more:-). Joseph (he is the lucky owner of this bag), if you are reading this, I am drooling and envious now! hahaha. Lucky you to get this last piece in the Geneva store!

One little setback for the bag is that it is without any internal pockets. Wonder why the designers at Louis Vuitton left out the internal pockets. Pockets helps to hold smaller items such as keys and wallets and will keep the bag more organised. Nevertheless, a small setback that is easily forgotten since the bag just looks beautiful.

Lastly, I have to mention the free personalisation service that LV offers on bags with a luggage tag. I love it that Joseph has his initials hot stamp in gold on the tag which makes it so exclusive, like you are branding the bag with a piece of you.:-P I would definitely want to do that if I ever buy a LV bag with luggage tags.

All in all, good eye and good buy for Joseph!

Retail price: CHF 2510. Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Boutique in Geneva

10 comments: said...

wah such a flattering post, thanks for that hehe.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

It's a great bag! I love it...becos of the lovely red colour! andI dun fall for LV bags that easily..hehe.

Anonymous said...

This is probably the best works of LV. Never been a huge fan of monograms so this is rather fresh.

Anonymous said...

The red colour makes it really attractive!

I'm not the biggest fan of LV but this one is sooooo desirable! very desirable! haha

It's inevitable to lust for one... haha

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

yes, it is one gorgeous looking bag from LV, besides Louis Vuitton Soana Sac Plat in crinkled kangaroo leather. These 2 bags are 'regrets' from LV which I did not buy! sob sob!

Anonymous said...

Very nice talking to you yesterday Kevin!
I'm sitting here with my jetlag, killing time on the internet..
Nice post again! I am not a very big fan of LV, but just this very bag, ohoh, I love it. I looked at it in the StTropez store and in the Stockholm store, and almost bought it.. The red is my favourite too. But I do like the orange also..

Saw you added the Muse bag also!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Jens,

yes, was nice meeting you on Thursday!:-P I love your bag!:-P

and yes, this red Vuitton bag is stunning. I love it, especially the soft leather and colour. It's just so eye catching and yet classic.

well, sometimes we are undecisive about buying somethings until someone else buys it and you realise you do like it!:-P

Hope your jetlag gets better. You will head back home in a few days, hang in there:-)

I went to watch sex and the city tonight. So good! I love the movie and of course the bags! hahaha.

Bagaholicboy said...

Hey Kevin,

Love this bag, an congrats to Joseph for grabbing it. Here is the link for the Damier Complice, take a look.


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

thank you Bagaholicboy!:-) you are such a good resource for any LV queries! Oh my..the red looks great!:-) Now I have to think about which one to get:-P

Unknown said...

Kev, i was quite lucky to get this bag in carryall version in red.. all the way in Saudi Arabia..