Monday, 19 May 2008

My Shopping Conquest #07

Zara Tailored Checkered Shorts

I am back from my holiday! many days away, been to so many places and been on so many rides all over. Saw cities, volcanoes, rural villages, great ancient monuments, traffic jams...and of course, I did at times find it a bit hard for the 'roughing it out' part of the trip. Perhaps I am too much of a city boy, cannot be without my modern comforts and conveniences. But all in all, was a wonderful experience in Indonesia. Learn a lot about the local culture and also most importantly myself. I am thankful for my friend who had to put up with my moments of 'losing my cool'. Oh my, poor him. I would have punch myself in the face if I were him. hahaha.

So back to Singapore and resuming my posts here. Starting with a purchase I got just before I left for the holiday. This wonderful pair of checkered shorts(really short ones) from Zara is a perfect example of the very on-trend Trad Style. A men's clothing style that was influenced by early Brooks Brothers clothes and its amalgam of Anglo-American style; as well as by the natural-shouldered Ivy League clothing style of the 1920s to 1960s. For this reason, American Trad is sometimes considered akin to the preppy look.

Lots of checkers on blazers, shirts, pants is signature to create the trad look. Trad style is featured all 0ver the japanese magazines and it is something to look out for this spring summer season. New designers are giving the look a new spin, up to the point to creatingo full checkered suits with matching shorts. These looks as seen on runways of Thome Browne and Comme Des Garcons.

I feel this pair of shorts sums up the trad style well. And could pass of as a pair of shorts for sailing to the high seas or simply just walking under the hot Singapore sun. Goes extremely well with white shoes and loafers.

Retail price: SGD $89.90. Where to buy: Zara Boutique at Ngee Ann City


Bagaholicboy said...

welcome home! almost got the same pair of zara shorts...

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

thank you! I feel happy to be back:-) The great Singapore sale starts this week...any shopping sprees in the works for you? I miss out on the sex and the city ticket giveaway on your blog! darn....I want to watch the premiere:-) hahaha.

good job on the giveaways.


Unknown said...

OMG HI! Finally your back. Gosh I waited so long. Didn't know Zara had such nice shorts. Great buy!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thank you leo! Yes, Zara has nice shorts! and I got another one in the same cutting but with larger red checks. Will post the pics tonight!


LR said...

I also have these shorts! I love them.