Saturday, 16 October 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #164

Below: 'Creeper' style thick sole brogues in multi colours... cheerful and fun! Ronald McDonald will be a
very happy clown!:-P

Below: There seems to be a single tier sole version of the 'Creeper' style brogues and in more classic colours... a choice for those who prefers more subdued style?

Below: Besides outrageous designs... Prada has many classic styles which will be appealing to fans who wants subtlety... such as this pair of polished leather loafers...

Below: Love the blue brogues!

Below: These flat sole lace-ups look so comfortable...the white one has my name on it!

Below: As does any of these colourful loafers... classic with a dash of fun for summer!

Below: Not a fan of these creased napa leather bags with 'varsity' inspired alphabets...

Below: Still not convinced by these fabric/nylon variants as well...

Below: 'Bottega Veneta' is that chu?

Below: They remind me of Oakley cycling style sunglasses... is that a good or bad thing?

Prada Spring Summer 2011 Mens Shoes, Bags And Accessories

If my male readers felt a bit left out the past couple of days with the intensive blogging about Christian Dior Marina Bay Sands Grand Opening... do not fret. I am back to regular blogging of my male themed content. And as a treat, how about a preview of the much talked about collection from Prada Men's Spring Summer 2011 Season.

Miuccia Prada has a warp and often very different sense of what she wants to portray in her collections. This is what make her work so unique and fascinating against other designers. For Spring Summer 2011, Miuccia focuses on her concept of youth, as in young men in years of college varsity and interns in healthcare. Hospital looking garbs, huge 'varsity' inspired bags/pouches with personalised alphabets are matched with some of the weirdest looking shoes. Ronald McDonald will now be an even happier clown. Classic brogues are given a twist and turned into creeper style shoes with ultra thick soles and given lego block colours! Is this Miuccia Prada's version of 'male platforms'?!?!? I love it for the quirk and fun of the designs, very bold and indifferent. Can't wait to try on a pair when they hit the stores next year:-)

On a another look, there are also single layered version of these thick sole 'creeper' shoes which are more subdued and perhaps would appeal those who prefer subtlety. Out of all the shoe offerings, another of my favourite is the tan loafers with a dash of colour on the front panel. Take your pick from blue, green or red... I know I want them all! Imagine wearing white/neutrals and let those colourful loafers accent your ensemble with cheery tones. Fun look!

Bags are a disappointment and in my opinion, very ugly this season. They looked like trash bags (the creased napa leather ones) as well as the nylon and fabric versions which are equally cheap looking. Perhaps die hard fans will still appreciates the designs, but they are definitely not my cup of tea.

On the accessories front, there is no newness in what I see. Braided belts and woven leather wallets in multi-colours may be vibrant additions to spice up summer looks but they do scream Bottega Veneta at first glance. I also dislike the brash branding on the front of the wallets. I would have made the branding in 'cut-out' letters which is more elegant.

In summary, shoes were a thumbs up (Prada does amazing cross breeding of styles for shoes), but the other accessories are a letdown. What say you?

Source: Prada


Shane B said...

Good for runway, bad for sales ~ ~

dp said...

i LOVE the shoes. esp the top one in the first pic. Imma get those!

Nico said...

i dont know why but i sorta like the accessories. but yeah nothing special. maybe its because of the color. its a mix of color for the shoes. they are a little off but they look good.

im pretty sure this is her version of man-platforms. have you seen wooyoungmi's??

Nico said...

as for the trash bags, they look so normal for going to the supermarket. haha. maybe its her attempt for streetwear? iono. but jil sander has something similar for women.

ManBag said...

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for always featuring men's Prada - I love their stuff. I look forward to getting a personalized "trash bag" - I'll love carrying it around, maybe even as a gym bag!! HA! Are those the only two colors they are going to come in? Do you know?

enzoHKG said...

agree with your choice on the blue brogues and the flat-sole lace-ups. but those 'creepers' are just too Frankenshoes (as one blogger has christened them).

Pana said...

Amazing die for :D

but i do not like the shoes...!

gunmetal said...

This collection is awful. Someone once said this on the Fashion spot forum....Miucca Prada gets away with shit because she's Miucca Prada...if it was some other designer, they would be slaughtered mercilessly by the critics.

Anonymous said...

@ gunmetal,
Who really care's what critics think anymore, the only people who do are the ones that follow fashion with a passion (70% of Pradas customers don't) and generally speaking they cant afford a lot of it anyway, most of this crap wont make it to stores either.

Anonymous said...

Are the shoes arrived in Singapore yet? Can't wait to get a pair especially the thick sole brogue in yellow blue brown.