Sunday, 30 March 2008

My Shoe Collection #21

Dolce Gabbana Snake Skin Pointy Lace-ups

I am crazy about exotics...if money is not a problem...I'd buy all sorts of exotics.:-P I dun think this statement will go very well with any environment conservationists. However, I do feel the need now to steer clear of endangered animal species and I will start by buying less leather items. To make my conscience feel better, I will do my part in animal conservation...but not before I own a piece of snake skin leather shoe or a croc skin bag. Hahaha.

So with this Dolce Gabbana pointy lace-ups...I am half way there. Made from brown snake skin leather, the pointy toe design shouts dapper chic. Goes well with distressed jeans or suit pants.

I bought this pair of shoe during I did not pay the full hefty price tag that goes with snake skin. I miss Dolce Gabbana's sexy look for the house. This pair of shoe belongs to the Fall Winter 2005 collection which featured beaded Superman distressed tees (which i absolutely adored!) Opulent, decadent and so Dolce Gabbana! Now it is just getting tardy and boring. Hopefully things will change in the future, might have to wait a few seasons more. The next fall winter collection is not appealing to me as well. In the meantime, fortunately I still have my old Dolce Gabbana items to tide me thru this stale period....

Retail price: SGD $1199. Where to buy: Dolce Gabbana Boutique at Hilton Hotel


Anonymous said...

Nice... very nice. I have a pair of their hand-finished series cap toe lace-ups. Very clean lines with a slightly higher heel than most dress shoes in my collection. It's all black by the way. The distinctive feature of this pair is the eadges of the sole. It is not all out flat, rather the edges curves up at an acute angle, say 25 degrees? ahahah

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yeah, Dolce Gabbana makes nice dress shoes. But their casual shoe designs are a bit tacky usually...with huge DG monograms or branding. DG monograms are the worst looking ones.

Your hand finished lace-ups....exquisite! Handmade shoes are a luxury. You must have paid quite a good amount of $$$ for that. Wear it on special occassions?

We are fans of shoes! hehe

Anonymous said...

Yea wore it the first time to a wedding at Four Seasons. Special eh? ha ha with a black suit.

Anonymous said...

dude get on line..need to show you something haha