Sunday, 6 April 2008

Gender Bender #13

Chloé Saskia Sheepskin Satchel Bag

Chloé is a brand that has been associated with girlish charms. Their Paddington bag which features a giant lock has been seen on the arms of many celebrities and chic women around the world. It has since capture the attention and eye of many ladies and as well as...some men. It could be a very very distant future that Chloé will come up with a men's collection. So for guys who want a piece of Chloé now, bags will be the best bet. I have been scouring online to find bags by Chloé that could pass off for use by guys...but never been able to, that is until now.

This Chloé Saskia Sheepskin Satchel is pretty unisex looking, with a nice stone colour and front flap pockets. Nothing overly girlish adorns the exterior of the bag, except maybe the oversize round brass zipper pull. But seriously, I do not mind that. The unique design of pockets and how the bag is proportioned pretty much makes up for this slight 'imperfection'. The bag is of a flight bag style, with a top zipper opening and a full leather shoulder strap. Size is 15"W X 9"H X 4"D, not too bad for a male physique. This bag looks great in my books and I do not think carrying it will erode any masculinity out of any fashion forward men.

Retail price: US $1560. Where to buy:


Anonymous said...

Aha, a Chloé bag! I haven't seen this one before. Did I inspire you to look for Chloé bags with my earlier post?
This one is great.

I think there is something kind of masculine with Chloé bags. Even the Paddington and such models. Perhaps it is the leather.

By the way, your bag collection is amazing! Like your new Balenciaga post. I dont like slouchy bags either, but this one is great. I am actually a fan of Balenciaga bags also. So again, your taste in bags is so similar to mine!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes, You did, Jens! hahaha. I was also one of the men whom appreciates the Chloe asthetics and wanting a piece of Chloe. This shoulder bag is almost messenger like...but with more interesting cuts and design. Love the way the flap pockets has been designed. I love Chloe bags. Somehow the 'chunkiness' in some made it look masculine. So I totally agree with what you said. And after watching the latest fall 2008/2009 runway video, love the shoes the girls are wearing. Too bad the designer was replaced. Seems he is just getting the Chloe asthetics right.

And the courier balenciaga bag is amazing! When you carry it, sling it across your shoulders, the bag is nonchalant and drapes on you perfectly. Yes, seems like we share similar tastes:-P

Anonymous said...

I'd get this bag from Chloé! It has a very masculine edge and just brilliant design.

Too bad, Chloé will again loose it's masculine edge as current designer Paulo Melim Andersson has been booted out. So, I guess it's back to girly girl or flirty jeune fille at Chloé.