Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Material Boy #57

Gucci Leather Backpack/Hobo Bag in Python Skin and Silver Calfskin

Last evening while shopping in Paragon (I went to pick up my Prada Open Toe Sneakers which finally came all the way from Italy after many weeks of waiting...thank goodness!), I saw this huge backpack/hobo bag in python skin on display at the Gucci Paragon Boutique. I was never attracted to this bag when I saw it on the runway pics or even on the Gucci website. But seeing it in person brings a whole new perspective to my thinking...I actually like it. Using it as a hobo bag works really well because of the large size. Makes it trendy for a man to tote this around. In addition, there are 2 other shoulder straps that can be detached to change it into a backpack. but this leaves the ends with the buckles hanging down from the bag. (Well, it depends whether if you mind...seriously, I dun:-) There are also exterior zipper pockets and a subtle silver metal Gucci script insignia adorning the bag. Lastly, the black polished python skin is pure luxury! Absolutely stunning and chic in black. This bag is perfect for the suave biker boy inside of you. I just wonder what is the price tag in SGD. To be honest, I will not mind buying it over a sale.:-) Cross my fingers I can still find it during sale.

Comes in silver leather and the cheap looking dialux fabric as well. The latter is yuck!

Tried the bag today(5 Apr 2008)...perfect size, perfect strap length.... perfect black python skin! Yummy! I want the bag!

Retail price:
1) Black Python Skin Backpack/Hobo Bag - Euro $3550
or SGD $7170
2) Silver Leather Backpack/Hobo Bag - Euro $1890

Where to buy: or Gucci Boutique at Paragon


Ash said...

I tried on the bag about a month ago and totally fell in love with it but unfortunately, I have so overspent lately especially after the Dior pants and shoes: they are totally gorgeous, and from what I gathered that someone like you who appreciate shoes that show some skin must absolutely get them, especially the ones like mine with beige soles. Please do get that bag, if I can't own them, I hope someone else will have it!!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

we shall see...I would love to get the bag. But it's freakin' expensive. hahaha. Yeah, I agree. this bag looks great.

Ash said...

Get the silver leather one is smashing and a pièce de résistance. Moreover the damage won't be that severe but of course, the black slithery sack is definitely sublime. Please don't mind me, I'm in a 'silver'-holic mode at the moment and I walk out of the apartment looking like the bloody Tin-man from the Wizard of Oz sometimes. So much for being a fashion enthusiast.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kevin,

I love your choices.

I must agree that the python one is pure luxury.

My cousin got the one in silver. And I have to agree with Ash, that its better on some space movie.

I hope to get the python version one day, even if its going to be in an outlet store:)



Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi J,

I would love to buy that bag at a huge markdown! It's just way too expensive even at 30%-40% discount.

I got my other python gucci tote bag at 50% and it's still expensive for me. I had to think it properly before committing.

The best is 80% discount. Wishful thinking on my part. hahaha