Friday, 4 April 2008

The Material Boy #60

Balenciaga Tie Die Leather Duffle Bag

Another variant of the Balenciaga Spring Summer 2008 bags. This time the leather of the bag is given a multi colour tie dye effect(on leather, it's an innovation!) that is very hippie chic. But I was flipping thru magazines today and saw a resemblance of similar tie dye patterns on african kaftans. So it could be african influenced as well. I will not say this is my cup of tee, anything 70's psychedelia looking is way out of my league. I actually hate tie dye patterns.

But if you are still living in the era of the 70's flower child or like rainbow colours, Balenciaga offers this option to fulfill that hippie side in you. Expect to pay a hefty price to relive a piece of nostalgia or colour indulgence.

(Oh BTW, that paint splattered YSL shoe is hideous! Why would I want to pay designer price for a pair of shoe which I can probably get my five year old cousin to create in art class....)

Retail price: ¥308,700. Where to buy: Balenciaga Boutiques

10 comments: said...

funny enough, i actually wanted to get that YSL shoes when and if it goes on sale lol. i find it very stylish, will look very good if one is wearing simple clothes.

and weirdly enough, i also like that balenciaga bag! its actually made from leather, tie dye leather! that got me very excited. but its very pricey because its leather and the tie dye process is very menial.

nice, seeing both of my fave items of s/s08 on your page but you slagged it off lol

i also saw the linen B bag you featured a few posts down. i saw it at harrods last week, its selling for about GBP850.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

thanks for the update Joseph. I cannot read japanese so I cannot really tell if that was leather or linen. It look fabric enough:-P

and wow...tie dye effect on leather. Interesting. But still, I am not a fan of multi coloured bags or items. So I will not spend so much money on this bag. hahaha.

The shoe..ahem...I am not a fan as well. But go for it if you like it:-) My opinions are my own. We are all different people with different likes and dislikes:-) said...

i can't read japanese either ha. this bag was featured in Brit GQ (or it could be Esquire cos i buy both) 2 months ago, and you can see the luscious leather and all the details. its very pretty but out of my reach really.

another place you can check out past season balenciaga stuff is not sure if they ship to singapore, but i got some nice past season stuff from there, like B shirts for £100, lots of margiela stuff etc. i'm eyeing a blazer from s/s07 on there now, its my size and the only 1 left. waiting for it to be further reduced hehe

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I just bought the latest issue of GQstyle and there was an interview of Nicholas Ghesquiere inside. Except insights on his way of thinking. and he did mentioned about the egg shaped coats for next season for menswear. And he did his sample sizing for Balenciaga very small and that got a lot of people complaining that it cannot fit. But he actually based the sizing on himself. hahaha. Good thing for me..cos' I so love hi sizing..fits like a glove for slim people like me. He challenges the conventions of menswear. hope he will come up with more innovative cuts. The balenciaga menswear is generally based on a wardrobe concept instead of a seasonal idea. Hence you see more basic pieces in the men's collection. Hope he will take Balenciaga menswear to new levels. I really like the way he designs. said...

yes i bought GQstyle a while back and read that interview. I even wanted to get a tweed jacket so i can dress like him haha (i already have the similar green sweater and white shirt hehe).

his cut is very small, i am usually a size 48 but i have to wear size 50 for their coats. i wear size M for other shirts but i have to wear L for theirs. i like their basic wardrobe pieces because it is well executed and the materials are lush. if they go high fashion i think they will end up like dior which i am not too keen on really.

i <3 ghesquiere!

bagcraze said...

kevin, i like that tie dye leather bag! wowwww! it surely beats the miu miu tie dye bag that was quite famous sometimes ago :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

(Reply to bagcraze)
hehe...another fan of the bag. Maybe I just do not fancy tie dye effects. But it is good that we all share different views..makes discussing bags so much more interesting. This tie dye effect is on leather and not explained by Joseph. So I thought that was very interesting.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yeah, the sizing for Balenciaga is so small..but I like it small..usually I cannot fit into a lot of jackets or it is a bit big for me. But balenciaga...their sizes fit perfectly. I love them. The closest jacket sizing that is perfect for me is Marni. I have a beige coloured one that is my favourite for the moment. Unless I get a balenciaga jacket. hahha

Anonymous said...

i work for a pr firm that represents balenciaga and i've been in love with the bag for months, theres also a tote versions which i prefer.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi jason, welcome to my blog! worked in a firm that handles balenciaga's PR? amazing:-)

any information you have with regards to any interesting Balenciaga happenings, please feel free to share it here. I am a huge fan of this brand.:-)

hope you enjoy my blog. hope to see you around again.