Monday, 7 April 2008

The Material Boy #64

Gucci Sterling Silver/Black Enamel Bracelet with
Crest Logo

This is one piece of man jewellery that has caught my eye since a long time. I love the 'chunkiness' of the bracelet, a double chain design with an engraved Gucci crest on black enamel. A small Gucci script logo also adorn one side of the hook. Looks fabulous on the wrist (as demonstrated by the model) and adds some 'masculine bling' to glamourise any outfit.

I have a Gucci 'cord' silver bracelet from spring summer 2007 season but this is another bracelet that I would not mind adding to my wardrobe. However, as does all runway jewellery, the price is on the high side. Wonder if this bracelet will ever go on sale.

(BTW, I wonder if my readers knew this...Click on any pic to view a larger, higher resolution version. Yeah, I try to keep my pictures in a substantial size so you can view all the details.:-) wonder if you guys knew this...well, now you know!)

Retail price: US $1250. Where to buy: or Gucci Boutique at Paragon.

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