Sunday, 13 April 2008

The Material Boy #68

Prada Leather Zipped Top Tote

I have been wanting to blog about this bag for a long time now. But seems I have little luck finding a good picture to be featured here. In the end, I have to settle for this picture I found on Not the best quality, but it should do to showcase this lovely leather tote from Prada. This bag was featured on the runway together with another version with a top buckle clasp. But seems that was not produced, maybe due to a lack of good response. But fortunately, this zipped top version made it to the stores. Made of very soft and tough polished leather, with straps that run across each side of the bag. The unique buckle design allows you to adjust how much you want to shorten those leather straps and hence creating a ruching effect on the leather bag. Kinda makes it have a bit of a used look or you can leave it ungathered for a more soft briefcase look. This is the beauty of this bag, it works for both an office or casual environment.

What is featured in the picture has black straps, but the Prada store in Paragon has this bag (3 pieces only for Singapore) in brown which I feel looks better with more contrast.

Retail price: SGD $3190. Where to buy: Prada Boutique at Paragon


Bagaholicboy said...

heya kid welcome back! ;) hope trip was good eh? *wink*

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

thank you! I am actually still in Bali. Am here till tommorrow noon time. Using the villa's super crawly's a pain to download pictures. Thanks for the welcome back message! Congrats on completing your first giveaway! The response must be good.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're enjoying Bali. How is the food? I very much like to taste the local food when I travel somewhere. Thats one of the most interesting things with travelling I think.

This Prada bag is very nice. I would like to see it in brown too. I have seen some Prada bags that look similar, with contrasting details which I dont like very much. I wonder if this is the same kind of leather.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hey jens,

thanks for your well wishes again. I am back in SG. Just got back 2 hours ago. Was a short flight. bali was good. Lots of nice local food. Had a great dinner at a local indonesian restaurant and ordered a set meal that is sort of a sampling rice table kinda meal that has lots of different varieties in small proportions. So I get to try many things. Most of which is excellent! The villa I stayed in was fantastic. Next time you go to Bali, let me know...will recommend you.

The Prada bag which is available in singapore is black with tan coloured straps. Like the one in the runway pics. It is made of soft leather so very nice indeed. The ruching effect is also very interesting. I like it, just that was not ready to spend so much money for another bag yet.

BTW. I got invited to the Prada Trembled Blossoms presentation this coming will report what i see when I get back! woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucky an invite to the Prada presentation. ;-)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi jay, yes, I was very surprised that I got the invite. wonder will there be any fashion presentation as well? I love fashion shows.

How have you been? You managed to get any off days?:-P


Anonymous said...

was on off last thursday and friday. ;-) Bought a prada shirt to complete the short vacation hahaha. Wanted to get a pair of sandals from Tods too, but the Prada SA told me to be patient as they might be bringing some new sandals soon ;-) Keeping my fingers crossed.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Jay, good for u! time off:-) hope the retail therapy was a nice reward for the hardwork. what sort of shirt did you buy?:-)

and new styles for sandals? You inspire me to do the post on the camel coloured prada sandals. Love the patent material. Maybe they bring in this design:-) What are your thoughts on this pair of sandals?

richard said...

Hi I am seriously considering this Prada bag. I love the soft leather feel and the look, shape etc..

I already have the side sling bag/tote of the same material, no zipper. Its in brown with reddish brown straps. Nice

Feel like getting this one. But in same colour... no more black. Should I? What's your take? Wait for sale...and regret.. or buy now and regret when its on sale, but different kind of regret.