Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Material Boy #70

Prada Camel Coloured Open Toe Patent Leather Sandals

Behold! This quirky pair of sandals from Prada. I would not have expected this sandal to bear the Prada name. Looks more Marni to me than anything else. Perhaps it's the use of patent leather. But I love it! In an interesting cross strap design with side buckle and with a gorgeous colour of camel, this pair of open toe sandals is definitely to be adored:-P. I think the patent leather simply spiced up the look. It also comes in a red velvety kinda material(as shown in runway pic) which I think is less appealing.

Retail price: UK 280 pounds. Where to buy: www.matchesfashion.com


Anonymous said...

These sandals are very nice. Personally I dont wear sandals often. Your posts has inspired me to buy a pair. These would be perfect.

I got the impression that it's impolite to walk around in sandals, or at least show your feet, in some asian countries. Is that so? I remember when I was in Bangkok and walked around with a pair of rubber sandals. I got a couple of disturbed looks at my feet, so I changed and always wore real shoes, and even boots, when I was there from then on. I guess this is not the case in Singapore.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Good day to you Jens:-)

Sandals are a staple wardrobe for anyone in Singapore! hehe. Our warm weather is the reason. and sandals are acceptable in most places here. People love sandals here. I love them a lot! It is comfy and airy. So no fear of sticky feet.

In bangkok, unless you are in temples...maybe you are not suppose to expose your feet. But then again, you take off your shoes in temples. I have not encountered this experience before:-)

so buy a pair and flaunt it in Singapore! hehe

Anonymous said...

I WANT THESE SANDALS. It's perfection. It's so unique and stylish and most importantly wearable. Most high fashion run way items are just not very wearable. But Prada seems able to accomplish this season after season, albeit with "some" quirky items that only the brave will attempt. But generally most of the collection remains wearable.

whats-he-wearing.com said...

these are nice!

i know you have the jil sander pair, but if you can pick only 1 pair, which would you choose? i saw the jil sander one at selfridges and i really like it. retail is bad here, i'm hoping it will go on sale! and its too cold (5 degrees!) to wear sandals now anyway!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hey jay,

yes, I adore the sandals as well:-) I love the patent leather and the unique cross strap design. Not just a simple cross strap.:-) and it looks so comfortable!:-) Hope they bring in this style. the price is not too bad either.:-)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hello there,good wednesday to you. Hope all is well in London.

Oh...I love the Jil Sander sanders. It looks really cool when worn. very chic. and it is very comfortable. If I were to choose, I want both!...hahahha

You will get your warm weather soon. and it's sandals and tees and shorts all the way! yay!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately these won't be hitting our shores ever! This just confirmed by one of the Prada SAs in Singapore. Essentially they are done stocking up on runway items for S/S08.

*Sob Sob*

Anonymous said...

To get over the fact that I shall never get to own this lovely pair of sandals I opted for the alternative, Tod's. Have been eyeing this pair for weeks, but decided to waitout for prada but we all know how that went.

The Tod's pair ain't bad either, black treated leather (more scratch resistant) with toe ring. Couldn't find a pic online. Can't flaunt it ;-)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Congrats on your Tods sandals purchase:-) Sounds like an interesting pair of sandals. Okies, I need to go to Tods to have a look:-) you must be happy about this weekend's shopping gains! I bought a Jil Sander canvas belt from SS06 at the Club 21 Bazaar Sale on Sat. It was 74% discount! woohoo.

and also a D&G Military green short sleeve shirt. so I am a happy shopper as well:-P