Monday, 21 April 2008

The Material Boy #75

D&G Flip Top Nylon Messenger Bag

Travelling light and yet looking stylish is a hard chore. Not only do you need to balance practicality of the outfits and maintain a trendy wardrobe for the trip, you also need a complimentary bag to keep all of these while avoiding adding too much weight to the luggage. That is why I always feel nylon bags are the way to go while travelling. Not only is the material tough, waterproof and light weight, most important of all, it leaves you worry free to subject the bag to airport/airplane security scrutiny.

But sadly, most nylon bags that is available are not the most appealing in design. It leaves you look like a college kid and not the trendy metrosexual I want to be. On Saturday, while shopping in D&G, I found the perfect bag for my travelling needs! My heart pulsates with enthusiasm when I saw this bag.

Presenting the D&G Nylon Flip Top messenger bag with multi-pockets. Very practical, functional and roomy to keep lots of travel items. It looks trendy in a good understated way (The D&G logo is hidden under the flap which has a zipper, for all your air tickets and documents) as well. You dun want to shout out too loud while travelling. The military green is tough on acquiring dirt and will withstand the rigours of travels.

What makes it even better is the price, at only SGD $ can 'use and abuse' without feeling too bothered that an expensive bag is worn out. And for those who like their bags big, there is a bigger version available in bright neon green which retails for SGD $569. I like both!

Now, travelling can be stylish and practical.:-P

Retail price: SGD $499. Where to buy: D&G Boutique at Forum, The Shopping Mall

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