Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Material Boy #82

Dolce Gabbana Silver Buckle Tire Tread Sandals

I have been blogging and blabbering so much about the pair of mid-calf high cut gladiator sandals by D&G. Yes, a pair of women's sandals that could work for a 'bold' guy. I am still contemplating on whether to get that as all of a sudden I am having a 'panic attack' for my masculinity thinking about that pair of sandals. hahaha. That is why I want to blog on this pair of Dolce and Gabbana sandals that is the ultimate in masculine expression. Definitely robust and macho in design, this interesting pair of sandals features 2 sleek silver buckles, mesh fabric material and most importantly, super gripping tire tread texture on the rubber sole that gives real rock climbing footwear a run for its money.

In a way, this pair of sandals reminds me of Miu Miu's mens footwear when it first started. Miu Miu uses tough mesh fabrics and chunky rubber soles back then. Well, fashion is like a ferris wheel, it always comes back. This time Dolce and Gabbana put their spin on these materials and reincarnate them into a pair of sandals that is both gladiator lookalike and sports influenced.

For all the masculine men out there who wants 'unquestionable' manly footwear, this is the pair of sandals for you. I have tried this on (in black colour) last weekend, it feels amazingly comfortable and cool. Sizing is on the big side, so you may have to wear one size down.

Retail price: SGD $1169. Where to buy: Dolce Gabbana Boutique at Hilton Hotel


whats-he-wearing.com said...

this looks very "bata" to me lol
and S$1000 for a pair of sandals, my mum will throw me out of the house!

Anonymous said...

there is absolutely no freakish way to even come as an idea to buy these. i mean, they are so. so... ok, not even my grand-father would wear these! lol* i'll stick with the gladiator style for sure.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

To be honest, it's not that bad when you see the shoe in person. It's very well made. and the black one is much more sleek than this. For the alpha males who wants macho looks and being a bit less epxerimental...this could be a good choice!:-)

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Those sandals looks really very comfy and durable. I want to have those pair.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

It is a tough and sturdy pair of sandals..and very comfy with the cushioned lining.:-P Sale time may be the time to stock up on this pair of sandals!