Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Material Boy #85

Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Neverfull Bag

It seems LV is going to released the Damier Canvas version of the ever popular Neverfull bags. The monogram canvas version never did resonate with me as I feel it looked like an auntie's bag or worse...a diaper bag(Yeeks!) because of the shape, design and colours. The thin handles was more feminine looking and I do not see the bag passing off as a man's bag. But with this new release of the Neverfull bag in Damier Canvas, it can now work for a guy! There is something about the dark brown coloured handles and the smart Damier checks that projects a certain suave 'manliness'. Perfect for toting around on weekends or even with a nice sleek suit. The red lining is a real head turner too! Not sure when it will be released in Asia. From what I read from this blog, it could be within a few months time! All LV fans, keep your eyes on full alert:-) Price should be similar to the monogram range.


Anonymous said...

OMG. I am sorry but all LV bags are getting to look like ripoffs from HK. Can't they come up with something new? Or do they fear getting it wrong too much. However, knowing how you love to get things 1st, I can buy it for you here in Paris if you really like it. To be honest I wasn't too hot on the Python bag from Gucci. I mean really; all those poor pythons. Jil Sander is more my type. Cheers. Daniel (Paris) said...

nice bag, my friend has the monogram neverfull. its reversible too, not a lot of people know. the interior is gorgeous.

i love damier more than monogram. more subtle.

and i am seriously in lust with the damier grimauld


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Joseph, I heard about the reversing of the neverfull bag. Does it damage the bag in any way? If I were to choose, the damier version looks so much nicer than the monogram.
It is good for a daily use and abuse and use kinda bag. hahaha

Unknown said...

Hey dude, LOVE your bag "interviews" and descriptions. Wish you could update more, I check your blog like 24/7 non-stop, so you should definetly post up more bag reviews!

Bytheway, I'm really interested in Jack Spade, could you do some feature on them? Like the reversible ones. The neverfull is also a good pick, but its definetly not worth the price tag in my opinion.

I thought the gucci python was Sexyy haha, maybe a little extraordinary but isn't that what makes wardrobes. Jil Sander is the best brand ever.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

thank you leo! For the support for my blog. It is what motivates me to keep this blog going:-) I love bags and love to share it with like minded bag fans all over the world:-)

I will be glad to feature some Jack Spade bags. No worries, only a matter of time before I will expand the range and brands I am covering now.

There is a very nice Kate spade canvas tote with dipped silver or gold base. I first saw it on And last weekend saw it in person at the kate spade store. Very nice and good price. Will write about it soon.

cheerios! enjoy a good week!

Anonymous said...

it is actually gonna come out in damier azur as well

Anonymous said...

Love your blog!

I hope it's okay to link you.

Anyways, I'm more keen on the Damier Graphite line by Vuitton. This one is still too feminine for me.

Do the collections also come in late in Singapore??

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi giancinephile and andy,

welcome to my blog! Thanks for posting your comments. I will keep a lookout for the azur canvas version. and giancinephile, feel free to link to my blog. Let me have yours and I could do a link to yours as well.

have a great week!