Sunday, 4 May 2008

My Shoe Collection #26

Paul Smith Canvas/Suede Leopard Print Hi-Cut Sneakers

It takes a 'brave' man to wear pink, more so for shoes and even more for shoes with leopard spot prints and tribal motifs. I dun know why I got this pair of sneakers. Maybe I was in a 'pink' mood when I acquired them. They do look fabulous on the feet and works well with jeans and even pin stripe pants for a dapper look. That said, these have been in the shoe box for a while now. I wonder when I will be 'brave' enough to take these out for a spin in town. I think soon. I feel I am ready to 'paint' the town 'pink'. Hahaha.

Made of canvas fabric and suede with brogue style detailing, it's English chic given a high street twist. Paul Smith sure knows how to have fun with his designs.

Retail price: SGD $399. Where to buy: Paul Smith Counter at Isetan Wisma Atria


Anonymous said...

One word... Fierce. HA HA.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

yeah, it has got that primal animal touch:-P hahaha. More bite than sweet.:-P said...

indeed very fierce lol
but i do like the signature shape of their sneakers

still very fierce lol

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I saw your new Paul Smith Suede shoes...those are dapper chic, very nice! Enjoy wearing them. I love the combination of classic design and sport soles. :-) comfy!

yeah, the sneakers is quite interesting in the design. Very loud in a nice way.:-)