Sunday, 25 May 2008

My Shopping Conquest #08

Bally Textured Calf Leather Side Zip Wallet

I have been using my Dior Homme wallet from a Paris trip in 2005 for many months now. I think it has been more than a year since I used the wallet, so you can imagine the amount of wear and tear it gets after such prolonged and frequent usage. That is why I want to get myself a new wallet. I am not a huge fan of buying wallets, I only buy it out of necessity. But if I am to get a new wallet, I must ensure it serves its primary function well and I definitely want a coin pouch to go with the wallet. I dun fancy carrying a coin purse seperately as I know I will forget the pouch at some point in time. Furthermore, I am a 'stingy' guy when it comes to spending for wallets. I will not pay over $300 for wallets. hahaha. Strange to have this kinda budget considering I pay more for belts or jewellery.:-P

Reflecting on my past wallets, I have yet to buy any that is beyond $300.(okay, maybe slightly more than $300). So this new wallet hunt comes in at the perfect time during sale season! I can get a good quality and well designed one for a more reasonable price!

I first started with Ferragamo, but the sizes of the wallets are gigantic! Not user friendly if you want to stick it in your pockets! And the designs were conservative and plain. I then proceed to Bally and found a nice one with a side zipper design for coin compartment. That is interesting, but the plastic window flap puts me off at first. I went home without buying, eventually I decided I still like the Bally wallet and can live with the window flap. So after sleeping over the decision, I head down to the Bally store again to take advantage of the extra 10% off (on top of 20% discount) for Takashimaya credit card members and usage of my vouchers as well. I know I am in for a super bargain and that alone is enough to make the wallet a must buy!

So here you go, presenting my latest purchase, the Bally Side Zip wallet! This beautiful wallet comes in a nice textured brown leather which will hide lots of scratches. And the wonderful side zipper compartment for coins is a pleasure to use. There are plenty of card slots so I will be able to be very organised:-P The size of the wallet is also handy and not bulky. It literally fits all my requirements! (except the window flap which I can overlook, since it serves as extra compartments for cards:-). At a great price and with a functional design, I am now a happy man who has given a new home to my 'ammunition (namely my money and credit cards)' for my future shopping sprees!

Retail price: SGD $397. Where to buy: Bally Boutique at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous purchase! Been lookin for a wallet with similar functions as this one. I really like the design, especially the coin compartment (a necessity for me). Do you know of any other similar designs (with the exception of course of the window flap, not my kinda thing) out there by other designers available for purchase today?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I think this design is pretty unique as a wallet...not your conventional wallet design. So I am not sure if other brands have anything similar. Have fun hunting around...this is what makes shopping fun!:-)