Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Material Boy #95

Agnès B Canvas Boston Bag With Contrasting Stripes

I have been on the search for a light weight travel bag, made of nylon material, durable and resistant to dirt and wear and tear. It seems my search has lead me to Agnès B's range of voyage travel bags. These were made of light weight nylon material, reminiscent of Prada's nylon bags, but at a fraction of the price and yet looking really sleek and stylish for a world traveller. However, while making my mind whether to get the nylon medium travel bags, I spotted this baby which is even much more interesting and attractive:-)

The Agnès B Canvas Boston Bag With Contrasting Stripe Details is a pleasure to the eyes. This hand-carry bag with shoulder strap is in a very good size, roomy but not overwhelming with interesting details that makes it a bag worthy of my 'bag radar'! The first detail that catches my eye was the coloured stripes that runs thru the front and back of the bag. The red and white stripes is preppy, smart and yet eye-catching to add interest to the otherwise simple design. Another great detailing is the studded zipper pull tabs. I absolutely love this detail! It injects a rock and roll, punk vibe which infuses the bag with personality. From preppy to's a great bag for complimenting lots of styles! It will work especially well with preppy trad looks because of the canvas stripe detail and 'Ivy league' colour scheme.:-P

I am very tempted to buy this bag, but I also want the black nylon bag which is very functional and timeless for travelling. I am torn! Fortunately, Agnès B bags are not seasonal. They are a staple range and will be available at all times. Plus, the great advantage, the prices are very affordable. With a 10% discount for Great Singapore Sale, perhaps, I can get one first and wait till I feel less guilty about spending, to get the other. :-P

Retail price: SGD $495. Where to buy: Agnès B in Isetan Scotts, Shaw Centre


Anonymous said...

just happened to stop by ;)
how will you know if your agnes b bag is authentic? thanks!!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Krish...

I have no idea. Sorry to not be of help. Ask the sales people at the boutique. They may be able to offer some advice:-)