Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The Runway Sniper #07

Balenciaga Menswear Fall Winter 2008/2009

Finally the elusive pics of Balenciaga Menswear Collection Fall Winter 2008/2009 is finally unveiled at Although some pics have appeared in Arena Homme Magazine before, it is still interesting to see what other ingenious pieces Nicolas Ghesquiere has up his sleeve for the coming fall collection.

Although I applaud Nicolas Ghesquiere for his ideas and concepts, but seriously, I am not entirely attracted to the pieces. It looks too sculpted and space age. Not truly my cup of tea. But I know there will be lots of fans out there who appreciates this very forward thinking collection. Nicolas has plans to align the mens' and womens' collection more closely...hence you see the rounded shoulders and cocoon shapes as see on the women's runway collection. The robotic leggings/pants do have signs of what he had done previously for women's spring summer 2007 collection. But this time it is more sculpted than glitzy.

One thing I like is the looks super sleek and streamlined. Definitely my type of jacket. I will look out for that, of course, not in silver colour as depicted in the pic (the description says it's silver although you cannot really tell from the B&W pics).

Balenciaga...a brand to watch out for.:-P

2 comments: said...

how bizarre! they uploaded the same pics mid month, and i was looking forward to new pics?

and such a small collection too

we need more pics!

the egg shaped black wool coat and military parka looks interesting

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yeah, I was surprised. The collection seems small...I think the pics is just a fraction of what's available. Yes, we need more pics. Cannot find any elsewhere.

I know you like the egg shape coat.:-) It's a cool design. But I dun think I can carry it. I might look like humpty Dumpty with my skinny legs. hahahah.