Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Material Boy #169

YSL Small Downtown Carry On

Another 'delicious' travel bag worth drooling over! I know I own a YSL downtown bag already, but this travel bag version in small size is another bag that can be used for travelling or even day to day purposes. The large size version is entirely a luggage and can be cumbersome if you want to use the bag other than travelling. So with a smaller size (14'' H x 12'' W x 10'' D), this YSL Small Downtown Carry On is chic and stylish. Most importantly, it is now officially recognised as a man's bag. You find this bag available for sale in the men's section on YSL's website.

I like the glossy finish of the leather which contrasts the gold hardware very well. Understated glamour?:-) With the right pair of shades, you are on track to be the fashionisto strutting thru runways of the airports around the world:-)

Retail price: US $1795. Where to buy:


Anonymous said...

i saw this and still contemplating whether or not should i get this. I already have a black patent downtown, bt this size is a lil better for me. Hope a white one or silver comes out! oh the best part about this bag for me is definitely the tag and key holders. thank god for ur great taste in bags too hoho nice post!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

This is just the horizontal version of it's okay to buy if you own the tall downtown. But one thing is this is hand carry. Cannot sling on shoulder, I think:-)

But it's so nice as a carry on bag.

Yes, YSL makes great bags. There will be a muse 2 lookalike for men next season. I need to scan pics...hehe

A. Nathaniel said...

oh kevin you're a bad influence! i'm so looking for yet another YSL piece, so please do put up the muse 2 men's bag!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Okay Nathaniel:-) I will remember to bring the magazine to work to scan the pics. I gave away my scanner last year...darn...if I only knew I need a scanner now...hahaha