Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My Bag Collection #38 (SOLD)

Slowly unveiling...

Yes, Introducing my latest bag collection, the STAR of my UK shopping!

The Yves Saint Laurent Mens Besace Flap Bag!

Love the antique brass hardware:-)

How it looks on me:-) Love it!

UK Shopping Adventure - Yves Saint Laurent (SOLD)

The biggest purchase for my UK shopping adventure ready to be unveiled:-) It's been a long way from London to Bangkok and then Bangkok to Singapore. So I have done it again...buying a bag, carrying it all the way cross continents back home. It's dejavu again from all my past holiday trip experiences! I thought I had persuaded myself not to buy bags from holidays as it had been a huge hassle to transport them and especially when you switch so many airports. Yikes. I marvel at my ability to do this so many times.

So presenting my proud new acquisition, the very rare, the very chic Yves Saint Laurent Mens Besace Flap Bag in beige suede! This is a huge size version of the ladies design. Everything else stays the same except for the size. It almost feels like a backpack! The slouchy look makes the bag nonchalant in style, and emits a certain carefree bohemian look. I love the draping effect:-) especially with the 2 front flaps hanging. There is an external back pocket as well as an interior zip compartment and handphone pouch as well. The bag is roomy! I can fit my laptop easily into the bag! The bag also features antique brass hardware, with the interlocking hooks on the shoulder strap as its most interesting feature:-) Beige leather trimmings are all around the suede bag. I am so in LOVE LOVE with this bag!

Comes also in a smaller size in blue coloured suede for men as well. I chose the large size since both costs the same price but beige is definitely a better colour for me. The smaller men's version is not the similar in size as the women's and has longer shoulder straps. So this Besace is definitely made only for men!

I had to go back to the shop 3 times to try it on separate days as I was struggling between the Besace or a gorgeous light grey women's Balenciaga Weekender which I cannot find the colour in Singapore stores. I was pacing up and down Bond Street justifying which one is better or not buying at all since financial downturn is in sight. I was worried. But in the end, I told myself, I only lived once. This is the only piece in London. I checked the Sloane Street YSL store but they do not stock it. And this was not everyday that I find this bag lying around for me to buy, and with approx. 12% VAT back (I was supposed to get UK 114 pounds back but becos I opt for cash, the VAT people charge me another UK 5 pounds for cash refund. Sucks!). So I bite the bullet and went ahead to bring the bag home. Plus I was served with one of the cutest YSL SA with dirty blond hair and super nice, patient and cute. His name is Greg! He got my email address to send me updates on sales and stuff in case I drop by London soon. Hehe. Maybe I should.

So another shopping conquest a success...I love YSL!

(Update, 1 Dec 2008: My credit card bill came last weekend and the final amount in SGD is $2464.94. What a favourable exchange rate! Plus I got back like UK 99 pounds. So this bag literally costs me only SGD $2200. Woohoo!)

Retail price: UK 980 pounds. Where to buy: YSL Boutique at Bond Street, London


Anonymous said...

wow, its bigger than i thought. me likey!

Bagaholicboy said...

Pricey, but gorgeous! Wow!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

thanks guys! There is a smaller version than this size.:-)

Anonymous said...

best purchase ever!!!!! i really love it!!! happy for u!!!haha

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thank you Toosan! I knew you like it!

Anonymous said...

Yay, the YSL's been revealed! And it's amazing and deliciously tactile. Mmmm.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am in love! I have never seen it in this size and now I want it! Its so hot! Enjoy bud!

My Shopping Addiction said...

wow, i realy like this bag ! congratulations Kevin


whats-he-wearing.com said...

i really really like it
it is perfect! love the suede and the size!

it is pricey, but gorgeous!
and you got tax back, well worth it!


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Guys! Glad the bag is to your likings!:-)

The suede is difficult to maintain...but oh well...just have to be a bit more careful with using.

Unknown said...

Amazing Bag Dude!! I'm beige with envy hehehehehe

happy birthday also!! anything to buy for the special day?

bagcraze said...

wowwww i'm LOVING it!!!
not the type of person who can keep suede bag clean but i would def want this size in plain leather!
congrats on the purchase dear :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

This bag will be available in Leather come cruise 2009 season. So be patient:-) It will be arriving soon!

I should have waited. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Kevin, very nice purchase! BTW, does it come in that sueded croc embossed material?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Unfortunately, those are only for womens. Men's is just plain calf or suede matetial. Calf leather version will be available at a later date. Next season or Nov.

bagcraze said...

ha ha ha i think the suede looks graet on you kev... there's always something about the material that says classy, but i guess i'm messy, so it doesn;t go with classy LOL

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Diana,

hahaha..the suede getting dirty is one of my concerns too. Sometimes I am clumsy. So I will have to be extra careful when I use this bag. On the plane home as the centre seat was empty, I left my bag in the dustbag in a paper bag on the empty seat. The guy at the window seat nealy spill red wine onto my paper bag. I was so shocked! in the ned, it only got onto the table top..not on my bag at all. Phew!

Thanks to all who send their well wishes! So sweet of you guys and ladies!:-)

oh fudge said...

wow. it looks very much like the Steve messenger bag from Hermès.

looks good on you.


Anonymous said...

hi kevin!
do you know if the womens ysl besace croc suede bag is as big
as this one????
(i love it...)
thank you!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Anonymous,

Women's besace bags are much smaller than mens. There is a smaller mens version but that has longer straps and still slightly bigger than the womens. It comes in blue suede(From what I see in the London Boutique). There will be leather versions in the coming months.

Hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

Love that besace ! It caught my eyes on different magazines lately and I'm thinking about getting one as soon as I got to Paris. It comes in different colors & fabric. Lucky you !

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin!
In blue grey suede or blue suede?
Is there any link you can mail me for a look?
(blue or blue-grey suede is perfect for me!!!!!!!!!)
Let me know...

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

It is a bright blue suede. Not grey suede:-)

I cannot find any pics for you. The men's collection for Besace is very much limited in pictures. I can't find any resource about these bags at all online.

Hope you find more info soon!


Albert said...

ust wondering..how much was it?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

The price is at the end of the post.:-P

SE@N said...

I saw this bag in grey croc embossed (men size) at the boutique. I believe the price is around $2,200. Love it... Neiman also has women version (much smaller and strap is shorter) on sale, for around $1,150.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh cool. I would love to have the croc embossed version!:-) Thanks for the tip!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh cool. I would love to have the croc embossed version!:-) Thanks for the tip!