Friday, 3 October 2008

My Shopping Conquest #27

Zara Grey Wool Knitted Zipped Cardigan With 'Suede' Elbow Patch And Trim

October is the time of the year for many good things happening for me. First, it's the month of my birthday. And when it comes to birthday, you always get presents:-) With the growing importance of CRM, customer relationship management being vital to the success of businesses, especially in retail....some merchants go all the way to impress their valued clients. For me, I get some discount vouchers, privileges or even gift vouchers from merchants like GNC, G2000 or even my insurance agent!:-) The best of all is of course Club 21's generous gift of $200 shopping voucher for my birthday.

Secondly, October is also a month where my credit cards get expired. Beyond asking for a waiver of membership charges, I also had to redeem all my credit card points before the expiry dates. Knowing me, I tend to redeem shopping vouchers to reward myself for wonderful October:-) UOB bank offers the choice of Zara vouchers and this year I took advantage of that and got myself $80 worth of gift vouchers.

Armed with $80, I set off on a search in Zara last Tuesday evening for something to pamper myself, guilt free style. I spotted a pair of grey pin-stripe canvas sneakers (SGD $75) with grey rubber soles. It looked special and 'sartorially quirky' so I was very tempted. But when I wore it on Tuesday evening, something made me hesitant. Because of grey colour, the shoe was not very contrasting against jeans(which I wore 99% of the time). To avoid committing a shopping mistake, I left Zara empty handed to think it over.

This lovely friday evening, I decided to have a second look at the shoe and went back to Zara Liat towers to try them again. I like the shoes on second attempt of trying but still not entirely convinced. Hence, I keep searching the store to see if there are any better alternatives. I tried on some jackets...none made my heart skip a beat until I spotted a soft woolly grey zipped cardigan under a leather jacket hanging on the rack. It had a faux suede trimming where the zippers are and also a round patch on the elbow area. I did not think too highly of this cardigan but nevertheless, I tried it on for fun. Surprisingly, the cardigan fits like a glove. It looks really good and easy to match with t-shirts. What's more, I can use it for my upcoming London trip which my UK friend told me it is coooold in London now. I can even wear it on board the flight as wool do not crease easily:-P and I will not look like a wreck after disembarking the aircraft. After passing my phone camera dressing room test, I knew I had to buy it. (I reckon if I look good in my phone pictures with any piece of will be so too in real life. hahaha. I guess I am just vain).

So after posing and snapping away (the sales person must be wondering what the heck is this crazy guy doing in the dressing room for 20 mins just to try a piece of clothing), I love what I see and hence utilise my Zara vouchers to offset the purchase. Love it, knowing this is a practical and useful purchase. Plus, I got it at less than half the price ($79 out of the price of $159:-P). 50 cents less to be exact:-P It feels good to shop with gift vouchers!

(I am wearing my Gucci Horse Hoof Belt and Ring, Dolce & Gabbana 'False Open Zipper' Jeans, Topman Yellow V-neck T-shirt, D&G 'Love' Bracelet, Vivience Westwood Skull Motif Ring and Converse white shoes)

Retail price: SGD $159. Where to buy: Zara Boutique at Liat Towers


alfred said...

the caridgan is not bad indeed. but isit too thick? if its not, u can even wear in in singapore! :D

grey shoes, would it have been better if it was a lighter shade of grey?

oh fudge said...

happy birthday, kev!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thank you Allan!

and Alfred, ther cardigan is not the heavy knit it's okay to wear on cold rainy weather days in Singapore as well:-P

I agree...the grey shoes should have been lighter or if not, at least white soles. I look like I am wearing flippers. :-P

alfred said...

oh cool. anyway happy birthday too!

haha and i cant seem to email you, the hotmail website seems to be having some problem for me. :(

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Same hotmail accounts are not functioning properly. I cannot read mails or edit mails...or delete it must be a hotmail problem..not my computer. Phew:-)

thanks Alfred. So sweet of you guys!:-)

alfred said...

haha yes. phew. one way to read your emails is to sign in to msn, and open windows live today and click the mail. u can read but cannot delete. i have resorted to using gmail alr.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I replied your email over at Gmail:-)

Hotmail is always malfunctioning:-)

Davine said...

Happy Birthday, Kevin.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Birthday is not here yet:-) But very soon. End month. Thanks for the advance well wishes!

The Boy said...

Very nice cardigan Kev! Very much my style! Love it ;P

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thank you Paolo! I love it. It's really easy to match with lots of things.:-)