Monday, 13 October 2008

My Shopping Conquest #28

Marni Acetate Brown And Olive Sunglasses
Reveal from "Half a birthday gift...compliments of Club 21"

Good customer relationship management (CRM) goes a long way in any business, especially so for retail. The more you please a customer thru little gestures like exclusive pre-sale invitations, launch event invitations, sending birthday greetings or even better, birthday gifts, you will 'charm' a customer to spend more in your shop. That is just what Club 21 is doing to me. But I am not complaining.:-P

Like any other year since I became a 'regular shopper (Regular=:-(Broke) at Club 21 stores, I will receive $200 shopping vouchers to celebrate my birthday. I have been enjoying this privilege for a few years now and this year, Club 21 have not forgotten and I got my vouchers 2 weeks ago. Thank you Club 21! It's always delightful to get a present, be it big or small.

Last year I bought a pair of Marni sunglasses from Club 21 mens shop...and this year I was hoping to get either another pair of sunglasses or maybe something that I may fancy. However, after visiting all my favourite shops, I cannot seem to find anything that I like. All the thick jackets, scarves, bags, shoes....nothing looks interesting for me. Am I suffering from 'post excessive shopping blues?' So in the end, I fall back onto my plan to get another pair of Marni sunglasses, which I am confident it will be a good decision. I have loved my existing pair of Marni sunglasses and use it every other week. Sunglasses will definitely be useful and can last a long time if you choosea timeless design. I tried on some styles in the Marni, Hilton Hotel store on a Saturday before finally deciding to get this beautiful Marni Brown and Olive Acetate sunglasses the next day. The big oval shape lens frames my face really well. It's chic and yet understated. The most special feature that sold me to the design is the unique blending of the olive and the 'tortoise shell textured' brown colour on the acetate frame. I just love the duo colour effect! This is perhaps one of the most special characteristics of Marni sunglasses. Marni loves infusing different colours onto plastic and it has become a key design trend for their wares. The arms of the sunglasses also has a die-cut so it looks less chunky and not overwhelming. To top it off, Marni sunglasses are very rare. You probably will not find them retailing anywhere except the boutiques. So exclusivity is yours when you purchase Marni.

After offsetting the retail amount with my vouchers, I paid SGD $309 which is a very good deal.:-) Thank you Club 21, I heart you!

Retail price: SGD $599. Where to buy: Marni Boutique at Hilton Hotel


harajuku wannabe said...


Stumbled onto your blog through Bagaholicboy's comments and I am enjoying what I read, especially those shopping sprees ;p

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thank you Harajuku Wannabe:-)

Glad you like my blabberings:-P Welcome!

Anonymous said...

I really like these! These are like tortoiseshell, if I'm not wrong.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I think they are just plastic made to look like tortise shell:-) Glad you like them.

oh fudge said...

kevin! stop buying unnecessary stuff!

lol. just kidding. where are the modeling pics of this one? *wink*

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I am buying too much 'unnecessary' things. Goodness...:-P This year is good for shopping but not good for my wallet. How did you fulfill your shopping ban? Teach me some tips!

oh fudge said...

tips? live in Denmark! everyone is so frugal around here because everything (except maybe electronics) is expensive.