Saturday, 25 October 2008

My Shopping Conquest #29

UK Shopping Adventure - Paul Smith

Yes, it's time to reveal my purchases from London! First I have to convey my thanks to Joseph for the heads up on where to makes my shopping exploration so much easier and focused with insider news! Thanks buddy!

And first stop, I had to shop UK brands since I am in London. Who else best exemplifies British chic and fashion than Sir Paul Smith himself! Woohoo...and with Joseph's recommendation on the Paul Smith sale shop on Avery's all the more a must visit. I love the word SALE, considering how generous sales in Europe are.

And I was not disappointed! The small 2 storey shop in Avery Row is tucked in a small side street. Thanks to my lonely planet, I am able to uncover this gem from the map. Upon looking at the shop front, I got excited. Not exactly the posh Paul Smith boutiques, but the merchandise inside is equally appealing, especially the prices! I had to shop shop and shop!

Within minutes of browsing, I picked up a brilliant wool scarf in deep green and beige stripes. Next I spotted a super cute pink tie which has roses print lining on the inside. So dandy and British! What makes my heart beat faster is my purchases costs just a fraction of what you would pay in Singapore. Although it's past season items, who cares! They look amazing in every way!

I paid for the 2 items and went exploring Bond Street, the shopping mecca of London with tonnes of luxury brands and flagship shops:-) I was careful not to 'invest' all my shopping budget in Paul Smith. I want to see what is available first. I checked out Browns, D&G, Bally, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, name it, I probably seen it.

At last the day is ending and I had to meet my friend James for dinner. My last ditch effort to acquire more shopping is to go back to the Paul Smith sale shop, top up my purchases to more than 75 pounds so I can get VAT refund. I want cheaper prices! I am cheapskate:-) On my second visit, I got myself a pair of sweet cuff links in signature Paul Smith stripe designs. It came in a variety of colours and I chose the lime green version. Cheery and yet not too loud!

All in all, I did well for day one of shopping in Bond Street. I spend just UK 80 pounds and got 3 items! How much more thrill and satisfaction can you get! No need to break a sweat with the purchases and feel guilty! (However I was displeased with the VAT refund...the VAT was like 11 pounds but after all the admin fee, I got back only around 5 pounds. Blood suckers! Grrrr:-p So do not spend too little as you are charged a huge fee for VAT refund. Cash at airport is again another charge. Yikes!)

I love Paul Smith! (And Joseph, I am so jealous of you to be able to enjoy all these shopping!:-P)

Enough need to get out of my super nice hotel room and do some shopping!:-)

Retail price:

1) Paul Smith Wool Stripe Scarf - UK 29 pounds
2) Paul Smith Pink Tie - UK 25 pounds

3) Paul Smith Striped Cufflinks - UK 26 pounds

Where to buy: Paul Smith Sale Shop at Avery Row, London

4 comments: said...

hehe so the best kept london secret is out of the bag!

loving the scarf! it's a dangerous shop, everything seems so affordable and before you know it you've spent loads!

oh vat refund is a pain. although vat is 17.5%, they do take admin fee and on average you will get about 11-12% back.

great buys!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes, the best secret is out of the bag. But Lonely planet knows about it as in a way, the whole world will know. I got a nice condensed mini lonely planet guide useful and the sale shop address is there:-) Oops...we better go clean out the racks before anyone does.:-)

thanks for all the tips! I saw Marc Jacobs store as well, further down Balenciaga. So cool!

Yes, VAT is a letdown! I thought I can take back lots! a hefty 17.5%!

But there is a minimum admin charge of like 5 pounds. So if you VAT refund amount is too's bag! Like in my case...5 pounds off 11 50% taken away!:-( Point to note, dun buy in the minimum qualifying amount catergory. Consolidate purchases in one place. So the big stores is the best, like Selfridges and Harrods and Harvey Nichols! Next time I know!

Terence Sambo said...

Paul smith makes incredible stuff even i would break a vow in a sec to cop some :o)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Indeed! I love Paul Smith. So sad I cannot use the scarf right away since I live in the tropics. Yikes. I want to wear winter gear:-P