Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Material Boy #183

Gucci Cruise 2009 Skinny V-Neck Tee With Tattoo Print + Dog Tag Necklace With Cut-out Crest and Star Details

Top picks for next summer's outfits. These will be the first on my 'to lust for' list for next season's purchases. Although gloomy economic times are ahead for next year, purchases will still be made. But in a more focused shopping strategy. I will single out a few key looks that I want to achieve and also make less frivolous purchases. Pricing will be a consideration as well. Longevity in items purchased will influenced my decision making process as well.:-P There is no way I am going to stop shopping. I just have to be more selective and make least amount of mistakes:-)

One of the key looks I will be going for is the chic resort traveller. Imagine St Tropez, Sao Paulo or Koh Samui. Resort chic means casual easy pieces, white dominant colour trend and tropical influenced prints and styles. Perfect for all year round summery Singapore. These pieces will go a long way for our hot climate. I imagine yachting windbreakers, shorts, canvas shoes, sea faring accessories and bright colours:-)

After attending the Gucci Cruise 2009 Fashion Presentation recently, I have already fallen for a few pieces from that collection. The Spring 2009 menswear looks fits in the same theme as well. But I will feature the items worthy of buying at a later time.

Here's 2 items that I can see fitting into my 'resort traveller' look.:-P

1) Gucci Skinny V-Neck Tee With Tattoo Print in White
2) Gucci Dog Tag Necklace With Cut-out Crest and Star Details
(Time to let my very old and worn Agnès B Necklace it's well deserved retirement)

Of course, these are ideal picks. Fit and actual product inspection will determine if I make the purchase afterall:-) These are pretty pricey. So they must be perfect before I will commit:-)

Retail Price:
1) Gucci Skinny V-Neck Tee With Tattoo Print in White - US $460 (Approx. SGD $700)

2) Gucci Dog Tag Necklace With Cut-out Crest and Star Details - US $435 (Approx. SGD $670)

Where to buy:


Davine said...

The necklace is pretty cool, but it´s nothing against the tee. Me wanna buy; badly. But it´s not available on the german online store. Hmmm...

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes, the tee is cool But so expensive!

Aitor and rodajasss said...

i love both, but specially the tee, how much on stores?

Anonymous said...

The Gucci Dog Tag is retailing for S$570.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Evet! I did see the dogtag necklace at Gucci store Taka. The silver is matte which I feel makes the necklace look less luxurious and bling. I think I probably give it a pass.:-) Thanks for the heads up!

More exciting things will be in for spring summer 2009 from Gucci!