Saturday, 22 November 2008

The Material Boy #187

Gucci 'Benefit To Unicef' White GG Plus Canvas Tote With Red Patent Leather Trim And Tattoo Print

Talk about my rekindled love to Gucci brand after a stale Fall Winter 2008/2009 collection. Much as I had admired the decadence of the many gold chunky hardware and luxurious coats for fall winter, when I get to see the actual items in the stores, they look too overwhelming. The Russian playboy style wears down the wearer. Furthermore, these looks will never survive past the season they were designed for and it will look dated right after.

However, the opposite can be said of the new Cruise 2009 Gucci menswear. Not only is it relevant to Singapore's hot climate, the idea revolving around luxurious holiday is a timeless theme. People aspire to live the high life and dress chic for vacations. The resort theme just have so much potential to coordinate with any existing wardrobe. Predominant colour schemes of white and other summery hues are uplifting amidst gloomy economic times. As all of you know, I am obsessed with the sailor inspired tattoo illustrations from this collection as well.

As people start to tighten their belts and brace themselves for a harsh 2009 economy, luxury brands will have to work harder to give their customers better reasons to part with their hard earned cash. What better way to coerce consumers to spend with you than to tie up with charity and 'help' them give back to society while they shop! Contributing to a good cause is irregardless of any economic climate. So I fully support Gucci's new campaign to benefit Unicef with their new Tattoo Hearts range! And it's 25% of the sale, quite a generous percentage.

After browsing thru the collection, I am totally smitten by this Gucci 'Benefit To Unicef' White GG Plus Canvas Tote With Red Patent Leather Trim And Tattoo Print. Not only will you give back to society while you shop but the design is also something very drool worthy. It features a beautiful white GG Plus monogram canvas overprinted with my favourite tattoo illustrations of mermaids and sea-faring icons. The red patent leather trimmings pops up against the white GG canvas and adds to the charm of the bag. I am very happy Gucci chose red patent leather instead of the usual brown or black. This colour scheme is rare when it comes to man bag design.

Beyond the above interesting features, I also like the zip top closure and removable red patent leather shoulder strap. The bag just oozes character and charm.

I am not sure if this bag will make it to Singapore stores. But if it does, I reckon it will be worth consideration for my Spring Summer 2009 shopping list. Guess Goyard might have to take a back seat again for a while longer. Hahaha!:-) Being able to donate to Unicef with this purchase will make the shopping experience even sweeter:-) All hands up for doing charity and shopping at the same time!

Retail price: US $1245. Where to buy:


Anonymous said...

i want this bag too.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I love this bag too! Especially the colours. BTW, the black Gucci leather tote you like costs SGD 1190, very good price!

Unknown said...

This is a very nice tote bag. I tried it on today in the boutique and it really was huge huge. Like weekender travel bad huge. The handles and trim are so nice and comfortable. I loved the red patent leather and the strap. I hope its comes to your area soon so you can try it.