Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Material Boy #190

Loewe Cruise 2009 Menswear And Accessories

Loewe...the venerable Spain luxury label has finally made its menswear debut! With Stuart Vevers (Ex Mulberry Chief Designer) holding the creative reins, this first collection of menswear is scoring flying colours in my books. I love the looks! It's luxe, it's daring in use of colours and it's fitted and slim while being very wearable! In these dark economic times, purchasing luxury brands means you have to make the money spent work harder. So classic, longevity styles will be a key factor in consumer's decisions.

I love this new Loewe Cruise 2009 Menswear collection. As I have mentioned before, real men wear pink! Not every guy can carry this colour well.Embrace this brightly coloured hue in clothing takes 'courage' to ward off onlooker's stares. So the man who wears pink is exceptionally comfortable in his maculinity. Stuart Vever is apparently not shy about using colours in his new cruise collection. He has chosen an exceptionally exciting colour palette, ranging from lush green, crimson, whites, navy to...yes, bright coral pink! That decision paid off! I absolutely love the pink suit ensemble and the pink coloured leather tote! How refreshing. It is time to shed off the browns and blacks of winter and get ready for a colourful summer.

Beyond the bright colours, do get totally in awe with the tailored and fitted silhouettes. Shorts are a key trend here. As does big man bags in every incarnation. The Amazona which was previously only available for the ladies, is now made in a bigger size, suitable for the metrosexual male of today. I love the brown version with gold Loewe logo.

These looks are so me. And these are the styles that I am gonna be following for next spring summer!

However, one piece of bad news. Singapore will not stock the ready to wear collections. But we can still indulge in the new mens accessories. Hong Kong will be the nearest shopping heaven to get yourself these luxurious looks. I want that pink belt! Yum!

If the collections to follow are going to be as good as this...I see myself joining the Loewe fan club for sure!

Source: www.loewe.com


Bagaholicboy said...

I will have to get one or die trying!

Unknown said...

Kev, i'm already in love with Loewe as i just bought a Messenger bag in full leather for 70% off!! and my Mum jumped in the action too!! hahahaha, and i've been glued to their website since 3 days ago... i'm drooling for the Giant Ava and the grey/white travel bags...

oh fudge said...


I want that navy bag!

The Boy said...

hot collection!!!!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh yes, I sense Loewe will become one sought after brand if the design is that good from now on!:-)

Love the bags as well. Love the white one with buckles straps.