Sunday, 30 November 2008

My Bag Collection #41 (SOLD)

Bally Baltic Canvas Tote Bag With Beige And Blue Contrast Stripes (SOLD)
(Reveal from 'Sale Shopping Time... How Could I Miss It?')

Finally after more than 2 weeks of buying this, I am ready to show my new addition to my bag family. It does take a lot of time to take pics and edit them. 'Sigh'...I need an assistant:-)

Okay, back to the post. I was not planning to get any bags, especially from this season, since most offerings were not appealing to me at all. I was already shopping Spring Summer 2009 so all the the dark coloured and heavy looking winter bags are out of the shopping radar. But when I pop by Bally store as their sale commences, I just have to flash out my credit card. Reason? It's this beautiful nautical inspired Bally Baltic Canvas Tote Bag! I love the colour ways. The ivory white canvas with deep blue and beige signature Bally contrast stripes just shouts 'Yachting' and 'By-The-Sea vacation'! Preppy, nonchalant and lightweight, it's the perfect companion to head aboard a private yacht and sail the Baltic seas! I also adore the chunky shiny silver hardware on the bag. Bally branding is subtle as a small button on the front pockets on each side.

Perfect for the 'resort vacation' looks I am aiming for next season. This will go well with white shorts, bright coloured tops and white leather loafers. Wonderful. With Takashimaya offering a SGD$10 voucher for every $100 spent, I get 10% discount as vouchers which I can use for my next purchase. That is on top of the 6% rebate as vouchers when I use my Takashimaya Amex card to pay. Already at a 30% discount for the Bally sale plus all the rebate in vouchers, the deal just gets sweeter!

In the end, I paid SGD $694.40 for the bag which I top up to SGD $719.40 to get 7 vouchers instead of 6, in addition to the 6% rebate for Takashimaya Amex Card. Got a $25 'Aqua Stop' spray from Bally to hinder moisture and dirt on the light coloured canvas. Works for other bags and materials as well:-) Perfect.

I am waiting for next season to take this bag out to compliment my nautical, sea-faring holiday looks!

Retail price: SGD $992. Where to buy: Bally Boutique at Takashimaya


Unknown said...


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thank you Hairi.

Glad you like the bag. Yes, perfect for Summer! said...

nice bag, you really do have many many bags!

Anonymous said...

nice. reminds me of Hermes.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I think the fabric does kinda look Hermes-ish. The size is great for every day use or short weekend trips!

and Joseph, I do have too many bags. Yikes. What did you get from YSL? Reveal soon!:-)

Anonymous said...

is this bally-boy leaving your family tree soon? hahahaha