Friday, 19 December 2008

My MANy Bags Sales Updates #14

YSL and Gucci Further Reductions Now On!

2 of the greatest luxury brands joins the further reduction sales. Gucci and YSL are having up to 50% discount now! I dunno about Gucci, cos' I did not managed to spot any exciting things to 'lust' about, but YSL has quite a number of interesting items never seen before during the 30% discount phrase. It seems this 50% discount sale sees YSL digging into their warehouse and placing past season items on the racks! And it's not all crap! Gems can still be found.

I spotted a pair of military green high tops in suede, canvas and leather at SGD $348. YSL Overseas Tote in Brown (unfortunately not my colour of choice since I already have a brown Downtown tote. I want a black leather version!) at SGD $1700, YSL Large Downtown tote in brown at $1590 and a men's leather tote in black for SGD $795. I am so tempted with the shoe. But I already bought 3 new ones last week. :-(


alfred said...

is the y-mail black patent coin purse on sale?

Anonymous said...

awesome. is the ysl oversized blue gray muse i saw that day on sale too?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Alfred,

Ymail gold, silver and black is not on sale. The purple and other coloured totes are, as does some clutches:-)

And toosan, I dun think I saw oversize muse on the shelves. Do check in store with the lovely ladies, they are so helpful! Love'em!

You gonna be in Singapore for shopping? Let me know lah. can join you.:-P

Anonymous said...

hey kevin
do u know if the grey besace from YSL ladies medium is on sale? Hk sale is only 20% for the purple after sale its 17000 hkd

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi LalaKen,

the grey besace bag is on sale here for 30% less. Original price was SGD $3490. However, I am not sure if the bag is still in the store now. Could have been sold. So do check with the store. The reductions have not gone up to 50%! So hurry!