Saturday, 29 August 2009

Hong Kong Cuisine + Balenciaga + Dries Van Noten Saturday!

Below: Me with my Balenciaga SGH Envelope Clutch in Automne! Wearing my Topman jacket, Martin Margiela Twisted Nail Necklace, Zara Portrait Print V-neck Tee, HE By Mango 'Snakeskin' Belt, D&G Audacious Fit Grey Jeans and Prada Sneaker Sandals...

Below: Shots taken with my new Nokia E71 which has the 'record' number of times
the software has hung within just a week of buying. Grrrrr....

Ion 'From Hong Kong, Italy to Paris' Saturday...

Today I met my friends in Ion Orchard for an afternoon of gourmet indulgence. First a sumptuous Saturday late lunch with the most tasty Roast Pork, Char Siew, Dim Sum and Wonton Noodles. I usually have a 'aversion' to anything pork (I find the meat has a strong meaty smell and it reminds me of lots of fats) ...but those roast pork (Hong Kong style!) I tasted today was so heavenly, I ate most of it. Oh my. The Char Siew had a smooth layer of fat which literally melts in your mouth and do not feel too greasy. The crispy roast pork had the most crunchy and tasty skin. I love it. Will definitely go back again. Restaurant is Canton I, Unit #03-14.

Beyond that I went scouting to Club 21 mens at Four Seasons hotel, almost buying the Dries Van Noten tie belt...but in the end passed up on it. It was more expensive that I had thought. I made a mistake about the price. It was SGD $469! I think I need to think this one thru more. And the belt was not in white colour which was what I really wanted.

Before leaving for home, we head to Gusttimo for some yummy Italian gelato...I had melon, coconut and green tea with red beans. Divine!

Happy stomach means happy day...even without shopping:-P

(BTW, I took my Balenciaga Automne SGH Envelope Clutch for it's 'initiation' outing today. It looked fab. Love it! What sucks is my Prada Sneaker Sandals which is 'painful' to wear. Ouch!)


Anonymous said...

The sandals. beautiful!!

oh fudge said...

you're wearing the portrait tee from Zara. I got one, too. hehe

and I also got the Prorsum one. :-)

obsessed much? LOL

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Juddaye! It's also painful to blisters. Suffer for fashion:-( hahaha.

And Allan, congrats on the real deal from Burberry! Looking good with all your outer wear.

Yes, you are a huge fan. and you did your part to stimulate the economy!



oh fudge said...

thanks, Kev. I stimulated the economy, yes!

[v] said...

hey Allan.

how much did you get the B clutch for? i'm loving it!! and im wondering if i can carry it off as a guy as well...

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi V,

I think you got my name wrong. I am Kevin:-) not Allan. hahaha.

I got the clutch for US$495 plus shipping. Got it from HG bags.

Yes, the clutch can pass off as a guy's bag if worn right.

Go for it!


[v] said...


Oh gosh!! Sorry! Hahaha!

Hmm, I'm looking for a clutch that can double as an organised pouch in my big bags... does this come in any other colours?? im thinking gold hardware with a dark leather...

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi V,

do some research on the styles you want. There is another clutch design with a wrist strap (Flat clutch) that is more pouch-like.

This envelope clutch is more structured...not exactly to be used as an internal pouch in a bag.

it comes in many colours but varies from season to season. So you have to find the right season to get the right colour. my atumone colour is from SS2009...and it is no longer available as a colour for FW 2009.



clare83nce said...

Hi kev do u think guys can pass off wearing the Zara "peaked" shoulder jacket ala Balmain? I saw 1 with studs on the "peaked" shoulders in Zara

frank said...


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Those are from Prada.


From SS2008 season.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Well Clarence,

those peaked shoulder jackets are a statement piece. Guys can pull it off if you have the confidence, but it will draw a lot of attention. Be prepared. It's a women's style, and when guys wear women pieces, we often get stares and disapproval. But vice versa, the BF look for women is in trend now. Lots of proposals from designers for ladies to wear their BF's shirts and jackets. So unfair!

Gareth Pugh for men has some peaked shoulder jackets for men this season you have to dress right to pull off the look.

frank said...

i hate you lol, do you know where i can find a clutch like that