Saturday, 12 September 2009

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #51

Balmain Homme Spring Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

A sneak preview of Balmain Homme's Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign...shot by Karim Sadli and featuring Clément Chabernaud once again. The feel of the shots are very similar...even the clothes when you compare it to Fall Winter 2009's.

Now those pale yellow jeans are looking fabulous...But do I need another pair of Balmain jeans? (Check out other looks here)

The T-shirt on the last pic look so torn that it almost feels like you picked them up from someone's trash...oops. I can rip a tee too and I will charge half of Balmain's price:-P Anyone interested?

When will Christopher Decarnin's streak of fashion stardom end? Will he still be favoured by the fickle-minded fashion folks, especially if he does not show off some fresher ideas at the upcoming Spring Summer 2010 Womenswear show in Paris? Let's hope he does offer something new! Being complacent is the last thing you want in fashion:-P

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Source: Brieuc75


Anonymous said...

I'm tired of Balmain!
Everything is balmain!
Balmain is the same thing over and over again...
Decarnin, please, stop!
We need more creativity

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Contrary to you...I like Balmain. But fear the brand may have an expiration date if they cannot offer new ideas. Hope they do! It's trashy fun!

Anonymous said...

No, Kevin, I love Balmain, specially the women collections!
But, Balmain was so exclusive and now, i see Balmain everywhere!
Before, it was chic,fresh, sexy & now it's tacky, tacky, tacky!!
It's like Gucci, you can see the difference between the tom ford's gucci and the giannini's gucci!