Friday, 4 September 2009

Great Minds Think Alike #13

Below: Alexander Mcqueen Brogue Boots vs...

...YSL Jonny Boots

Below: Balenciaga Dockside Montantes (Women's) vs...

...YSL/Puma Dockshoe Trainers

YSL vs Alexander Mcqueen + Balenciaga?

Seems YSL's previous season shoes have had their fair share of inspired 'offsprings' this Fall Winter 2009. Here's 2 'great minds think alike' examples:-P
Alexander Mcqueen Brogue Boots vs. YSL Jonny Boots. Or Balenciaga Dockside Montantes (Women's) vs. YSL/Puma Dockshoe Trainers.

Who imitates who? Who does it better:-) You decide:-)

Source: Alexander Mcqueen, YSL, Département Féminin


Tom said...

Oh my! I want those heels!! The taller the better! Me likey. :-) said...

I've been thinking about a pair of Jonny boots in black! What do you think? Do you own a pair? What kind of jeans/pants do you wear with them??

SE@N said...

I equally like boots from McQueen and YSL but I don't care for the other two.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Sean (NYC), I think you can match with all sorts of pants...jeans too. Just be careful not to turn your look too rodeo, cowboy..then that is awful.:P

Think French chic!

I love to own them. Maybe on my upcoming YSL a visit:-P

And Sean (BKK), both look fab! Mcqueen is more masculine as the heel is lower and broader. And both equally expensive:-P

Tom, yes, the higher the better!

Unknown said...

very nice. not sure about the bals but should still be cool.

Anonymous said...

i love a good decent heel. and YSL Jonnys are not just fab to look at but also fantastic to have on:

the heel really gives one a boost. it straightens your posture which totally changes the way you walk or stride.