Friday, 11 September 2009

The Material Boy #326

Below: 'Rough and tough' bag without the dirt and grime...Paul Smith's Camouflage Print Canvas Tote!

Below: A dash of purple for bag lining! Has a zip closure too!

Below: Bag looks great for a guy!

Paul Smith Trompe l'oeil 'Camouflage Print' Canvas Tote

Guys need big and tough bags. It's not because males have more 'excess baggage' to carry than females. It's just for the simple reason of proportion and masculine style. However, being rough and tough does not mean you have to lug around a dirty, worn out bag that make you look like you hail from the land of the great unwashed.

So I found the bag that looks 'pristine' and yet rugged... Paul Smith's Trompe l'oeil 'Camouflage Print' Canvas Tote to the rescue!

Dun you love the fun and seemingly real canvas print of worn-out military canvas bag. It's cool, manly and oozes a touch of humour. Best of all, it's instant masculinity without the 'dirt and grime':-P

I can forsee using this bag for my travels as canvas bags are light-weight and tough to withstand the rigours of 'airport manhandling':-) It's also big and roomy to hold huge amounts. And price is reasonable too!

Bravo to Paul Smith!

Source: Matches Fashion

Retail price: UK 218 pounds. Where to buy:


oh fudge said...

Bravo to Paul Smith! I've been looking for a new gym bag and I may have found one.

Thanks for this, Kev. :-)

The Starving Stylist said...

I'm lovin the trompe l'oeil! Paul Smith did very will on this bag.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes, indeed, this bag is perfect for the gym!:-P

william said...

i am working at paul smith..sadly this bad is still not in singapore yet.