Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Material Boy #328

H&M x Jimmy Choo Men's Collection

Finally some preview of the much anticipated H&M collection from Jimmy Choo! Typically only a women's brand, Jimmy Choo's H&M pieces includes menswear as well! Great news and a welcomed new option for male fashion fans worldwide. Finally the boys can own a piece of Jimmy Choos!

However, it seems the boys is going to live with very basic pieces, as from what was previewed.
Black blazers, leather jackets, T-shirts...clean lines, somewhat bland. Fortunately, the use of the bright blue helps inject some visual excitement.

Having said that, the shoes and bags is a different story. These are very drool worthy and I am keenly attracted to the buckled biker boots and the leather bag with the studded shoulder strap! We need H&M in Singapore! The collection will be launched on 14 November.

Source: Sean-Inc, Paolosavi


Anonymous said...

I felt it was yawn worthy and I spy the prices are not cheap either even for H&M. Anyway, I have never been excited about the Choo anyway. He doesn't own the label anymore and the design label doesn't reflect anything other than borrowing his name and little legacy.

Daniel said...

Where can we see the prices then? I want that black shoee woowwww

Nico said...

WOW! I can't wait for Nov. 14 then! I absolutely love the shoes and the bags. The clothes are a little on the super sober side :(
Nevertheless, my excitement goes for this! Thank You!