Sunday, 26 December 2010

My Shopping Conquest #114

Below: What have you shopped over this festive holiday? Here's the first of my shopping conquests for this holiday season... received just last week from Tokyo, beautifully wrapped by

Below: Something that I wanted long time back... finally I have it! From Trussardi 1911:-)

Below: Yes, it's a brand new belt!

Below: I am crazy military this Fall Winter 2010... and this Trussardi Camouflage belt is a must have! It's classic and timeless with a 'butch' appeal:-)

Below: Made in Italy...age old technique by the brand... as stated in the description card... Well made it is!

Below: Winter or summer, camouflage pattern will always be relevant:-)

Below: I had the pleasure of visiting Restir's actual store in Tokyo Midtown Mall when I recently visited Japan... such a cool store. Almost club like... very good selections, my taste!

Below: I took this lousy pic of the store front... was in a rush...oops..

Below: The posh and wood clad Tokyo Midtown Mall...go check it out... nice brands there, although more womens than mens:-) Most importantly, Restir is here!

Trussardi 1911 Camouflage Canvas/Leather Belt

The highly anticipated holiday of the year, Christmas holiday is over. Did everyone have a 'bountiful' holiday? One filled with lovely presents from friends, family or yourself?

I have not been posting my shopping conquests for a long while. Being busy with work and holiday... time was scarce to makes pics of my shopping.

So finally, had some time on my hands over the X'mas holiday... so what have I gotten for X'mas? Time to share #1 of 'I lost count' frantic festive shopping...

I have been raving about this Trussardi 1911 Camouflage Canvas/Leather Belt since months ago here. The military theme has been one of my favourites in fashion and I cannot begin to recall how many olive colour clothing, and army style things I got this Fall Winter 2010. So this is a must have for my 'military' chase. The only place I have seen this belt being sold was at The Japanese online retailer had a boutique in Tokyo Midtown Shopping Mall which I deemed a must visit during my recent Tokyo holiday.

Fates has it that I miss out on getting the belt in person when I was at the store then... reason being I forgot my passport for tax free shopping (although it is 5% rebate only... Japan's high mark up for luxury goods means every cent saved is every cent you pay less). I could have used my friend's passport to get the belt, but after pondering a while, I could not bear to spend over $450 so early in my Japan trip so I pass it up.

Upon returning to Singapore, I chanced upon's online 1 day flash sale, and lucky stars smiling upon me, the belt was markdown by 40%! This is the higher powers' calling for me to grab the belt. It's shopping blasphemy if I denied myself this chance. So after pleasant email exchanges and one click of a check out button... the belt arrived in Singapore last week. Indeed a marvelous piece of fashion accessory. Last flashy than Louis Vuitton's monogramouflage belt... but more timeless. I love it! Time to play 'military macho' this festive holiday!

What have you guys shopped over Christmas? Share here!!!

Source: myMANybags, Soph Blog

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