Monday, 24 January 2011

Great Minds Think Alike #29

Below: Fendi's Spring Summer 2011 Linda Bag: Feeling you have seen this bag somewhere before? 'Mulberry Bayswater'

Below: Such close resemblance with the iconic Mulberry Bayswater... the turnlock, the 2 strap running down the body and the shape... Great minds think alike?

Fendi Linda Bag vs. Mulberry Bayswater

Am I seeing double? Check out what Fendi has got to offer this Spring Summer 2011 season?

Don't you feel a dejavu with this Fendi Linda Bag? Mulberry Bayswater much!!??

Is this another case of great minds think alike? Or blatant copying? Fendi could have change the details and shape a bit more to widen the resemblance gap...

Source: Fendi, Mulberry


Shane B said...

with the name being a bit dusty, I think Fendi desperately needs a new hit bag... but this is not the way to do it!

Soon Jeremy said...

I JUST managed to get my hands on the Linda bag today and it was beautiful. Leather inside and out it was very affordable at RM6630.