Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Material Boy #431

Below: Spotted: 'Grunge' Birkin anyone?!?!

Below: Thanks to Club 21 Thailand... I got more pics of this fun but 'controversial' bag:-P Comes in quite a number of colours from browns to blues to reds...

Below: Interior of the bag with a metal plaque clearly marking Mihara Yasuhiro's name... wonder what Hermès will think:-P

Mihara Yasuhiro 'Grunge' Birkin?

Spotted on the shop windows of Club 21 Bangkok... I was first contemplating who did this version of a birkin... was it a cheap knock-off or some collaboration? But I must admit, feeling the 'Hermès snob' in me (although I do not own a birkin, I do not want anyone blaspheming this sacred icon in the bag universe). So I went into the store 'hell bent' on finding out who committed this atrocity!

But to my surprise, the designer is none other than Mihara Yasuhiro... one of the most creative and original designers in the world. So coming from him, I get his wicked sense of humour. It is mocking at the most iconic bag in the world and I love it! Imagine what will real Birkin owners react standing side by side this 'sarcastic' version by the japanese designer:-P How cool and fun!

This Mihara Yasuhiro version (Retailing in Bangkok for THB 38,500 or in Singapore for SGD1490) has lots of attitude...with a piece of raw edge leather extending from the front and hanging from the base. Wicked! Even the price is a mockery of the original, at almost 10 times lesser:-P How fun.

I hope Singapore's Club 21 store carries this bag too. I can't wait to try it! I want one too.

(Updates: Club 21 Singapore at Four Seasons Hotel will stock the bag at just SGD$1490.
Available in black and brown:-)

Go to Club 21 Thailand's Facebook page to view more pics:-)

Below: Oh, the bag looked fab when shoulder carried! Loved it:-)

Source: myMANybags, Club 21 Thailand, Club 21 Global


Bones said...

He used a very interesting manner of presentation to show his point of view. Marvelous! Kevin, please do keep us updated about this ''Grunge Birkin", especially if it's available here in SINGAPORE!! :)

Hope you'd a fabulous trip in bkk!

UshiSato said...

nooooo you're that cheap???is that soooo real????gosh...i want that!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Ushi,

yes it is real... available in many colours at Club 21 Bangkok:-P

and bones, yes, had a great time in BKK. Thanks!


SE@N said...

not a fan, sorry. Look like a cheap knock-off birkin from Zhenchen.

hyesung said...