Thursday, 17 February 2011

My MANy Bags News #307

Below: (SOLD) Brand new, protective sticker still intact, Céline Gold Metal Cuff Bracelet for sale! Hot off the lookbook of Céline's Spring 2011 collection. Not available in Singapore's Céline's Boutique... so this is your chance! Click here if you are interested in owning this fabulous accessory!

Below: Just got it today...but too small for me:-( Sob sob... but my lady colleague tried it and it fits perfect! Lucky ladies!

Below: As seen on the Spring 2011 lookbook... gorgeous bracelet to glamourise any outfit in an understated Céline way!

Céline Spring 2011 Gold Metal Cuff Bracelet FOR SALE! (SOLD)

Gorgeous piece of Céline Spring 2011 Gold Metal Cuff Bracelet finding a new home! I cannot fit into these bracelets despite the dimensions given... I guess I was too excited in getting these that I did not think about the sizing properly. I think I need a Large size instead of the small I got.:-( So now I am looking for that lucky girl (or lucky guy!) to own this fabulous accessory! So sad, I cannot fit! Not sold in Singapore Céline boutiques and there is a long waitlist if this ever hits the stores. Don't miss this chance! This bracelet is brand new with transparent protective sticker still intact (The pictures above shows the transparent plastic film). Email me if interested.

(Another way to gauge if you fit is to compare it to Hermès Clic Clac H Bracelet in PM size. Hermès is oval in shape with diameter widest at 5.4cm. This Céline is round shape and is widest at 5cm. If you find wearing Hermès Clic Clac H at PM size too loose, then this Céline will probably fit you perfect:-P I wear Hermès Clic Clac H at PM size and it is just right, hence why this Céline is too tight:_(

Click on the sale link here for more pics and info. on my bag sale blog. And do check out my other items for sale here, from Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Balenciaga, Loewe, Bally and many more!

*Update: The Cuff Bracelet has found a new fabulous owner:-P

Source: Lookbook pics by Céline

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