Thursday, 24 March 2011

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #208

Below: Balenciaga Mens bags are colour crazy this Spring Summer 2011 season!

Below: The canvas and orange travel bags are my favourites! What do you guys think of the new tote and duffel designs (techno meets lego?!?!?)

Balenciaga Spring Summer 2011 Mens Bags

Every season Balenciaga releases a small selection of mens bags. After so many seasons of slapping new colours onto recurring designs, it does get a little weary. However for Spring Summer 2011, I love their introduction of really bright cheerful colours, a splash of attention grabbing hues, to hype up the summer moods.

Those canvas travel bags with orange coloured leather trimmings (I want that travel trolley!) are a delight to behold! The combination of tan canvas with orange is refreshing and tasteful. As for new designs, what do you think of the weird colour blocking duffels and totes with coloured studs? It's a love or hate at first sight I think. I dislike them at first glance, but in a way, they have that techno meets lego charm that can grow into love. But in time... not for the moment.

One things for sure, I love that mimosa coloured iPhone case!

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Source: Balenciaga, Restir


Michael Xu said...

hmmm the color combination make them look cheap .. like BKK bags in chatuchak weekend market ..

Unknown said...

have you seen the straw n/s one? i thought it's quite cute.