Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #263

 Below: Prada Fall Winter 2012 mens shoes, bags and accessories... Another statement making collection...

 Below: It's a quaint collection with the modern dandy... sartorial styles with a twist:-)

Prada Fall Winter 2012 Mens Shoes, Bags And Accessories

Prada has now earned a reputation for creating the most eye catching and statement making footwear for men. From Spring Summer 2011's Espadrilles brogues to Spring Summer 2012's studded golf shoes, the list keeps getting longer. For Fall Winter 2012, get ready for another batch of unique footwear to get your fashion adrenaline pumping. 
For the new season, burnished polished leather is a favoured material for Prada. Vintage looking with a deliberated worn out treatment adds a new level of appeal to the classic inspired designs of the Fall Winter 2012. The shoes may look classic, but nothing is ever what it seems with Miuccia Prada. The exaggerated soles, broad side rims in angular shapes are distinctive and immediately sets them apart from conventional versions. When applied with appliques of geometric floral patterns and shapes, these new shoes will appeal even more to shoe fans. There are also gladiator helmet motif, contrast stitching and exotic material mixes to look out for. With so many choices, get ready to increase your credit limit very soon:-) However, my favourites are the runway featured 'rubber dipped' shoes which appears to have been encased in rubber sheath shoe protectors that guys use on rainy days... How quaint and clever! Those black and tan leather ones are already on my wishlist:-)

Prada FW2012 shoes are a true show stopper, but do not forget the bags, sunglasses and jacket pins,  since they are equally quirky and statement making. The sunglasses with red lenses gets a 50's redesign that will make Sherlock Holmes proud. While those jacket pins are indispensable for modern dandys of any era. But take heed when choosing the flower jacket pins... go for single coloured versions as the full coloured ones looked as cheap as fake plastic flowers. I still prefer the plastic badge pins with pistol and helmet motifs.

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Source: Prada


Sean said...

Went to the Prada store yesterday. The carnation pins are actually pens, soooooo..... it's humongous.

Sean said...

The carnation flower pins are actually pens, sooooo..... it's pretty huge and might look a little gimmicky.