Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Material Boy #552

Below: Looking good...I love this guy's ASOS camouflage collar shirt:-) I got the contrast sleeve version but this one gets a thumbs up from me too! Now on sale at £14...
ASOS Camouflage Collar Shirt

Keeping up the military obsession I am having now... I found this pic of a guy wearing a Camouflage collar shirt. I recognised the shirt and it is an ASOS design which was similar to my camouflage contrast sleeve version. After doing a searching on ASOS website to see its availability, I am excited to announce the shirt is now on sale at a super unbeatable £14! Go go go! Click away to shopping liberation!

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Source: Men in this town, ASOS

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nicebloke said...

Hi, I wonder what size did you get? I m only 5'7" and 60kg and I prefer my clothes to be snugging fit. I don't know if I should get a S or XS as this is my first time buying tops from ASOS. Thanks