Monday, 2 June 2014

Mr Porter USA Spring Summer 2014 End Of Season Sales Has Started!

Below: Mr Porter US site has started their Spring Summer 2014 sales! Up to 50% off... and myMANybags Sale Shopping Tip #02: Mr Porter US site do ship internationally... and Singapore shoppers still get free international shipping!
Mr Porter US Site Has Started Their End Of Season Sales!

Keenly awaiting for some sale action? Wait no further... Mr Porter USA site has started their Spring Summer 2014 End Of Season Sales! Yes, the US always get a headstart before the rest of the world... or not?!?!?!

Do you know International shoppers can still make their orders on Mr Porter USA site even if you are based outside of US? They do shipped internationally albeit at a higher cost. But good news for Singapore shoppers... you still enjoy the FREE international shipping as per the UK site! Woohoo... that means you can start shopping the sales before all others. I did mine and got a MISMO tote bag for 50% off at USD167.50!

The difference between shopping on the US and UK site is the origin of the shipment and the currency you pay with. Using Mr Porter US site, you will be charged in USD while UK site services the rest of the world and you pay in GBP. One minor disadvantage for Singapore shoppers if you shop at the USA site... the delivery time is slightly longer due to the longer distance your orders have to travel. But a day or 2 longer sure beats waiting many more weeks before international sales starts! So what are you waiting for?

Another sale shopping tip brought to you by yours truly, mymanybags. Yes, you are most welcome:-P

(Remember to switch you country of shipment (on top left hand corner) to United states to get to the US site.)

Below: The best deal for Mismo totes... I got mine for USD167.50 (or approx. SGD220). Hurray! Love the light breezy pale blue colour for summer style:-P

Source: Mr Porter USA

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Many Thanks. I just got Marc Jacob messenger bag 40% off for my brother. Been shop around for age. Early bird get it worm.