Thursday, 18 September 2014

Bally Fall Winter 2014 Voyage 12H Bag

Below: Bally's FW2014 Voyage 12H Bag could be the next 'best' thing to the highly coveted Hermès Victoria 43... or is it? Even the sizing is at 43cm width... I leave you to make your own conclusion... :-)
Bally Fall Winter 2014 Voyage 12H Bag

Great minds think alike? Imitation is the greatest form of flattery? Inspired?  When we see a new design that looks similar to a precedent design... these descriptions will probably come to mind.

So I shall leave you guys to arrive at the appropriate response when you see this latest Fall Winter 2014 Voyage 12H bag from Swiss luxury brand, Bally.

Below: Hermès Victoria 43 in all its glory (Pic from Esquire)...

If you have been eyeing an Hermès Victoria 43 for the longest time but not able to fork out the exorbitant price that comes with it... then perhaps this new Bally Voyage 12H bag will fill that void in your bag closet. Featuring a wide rectangular silhouette, minimal details and longer leather handles that ends with an angular shape design... this bag definitely brings to mind the iconic Hermès Victoria 43. But I shall reserve my comments here, you can make your own conclusion. At a price of USD2200 and measuring 43cm x 28cm x 18cm ... perhaps this is the next best thing without Hermès Victoria 43's bank hemorrhaging effect.

Any takers?

Source: Bally

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