Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Karmuel Young 'Dress Shoe Reform' Shoe Cuffs And Laces

Below: Boys... we have seen aplenty of accessories for bags and clothing... but now Karmuel Young is introducing a new concept of embellishments for your favourite shoes! See how these simple shoe cuffs transform your shoes to new levels of appeal:-) Love the colour block effect it creates...
Below: Add some furry luxe to your chunky sole brogues!

 Below: These strap on shoe cuffs brings colour and new detail of interest to any shoe!
 Karmuel Young 'Dress Shoe Reform' Shoe Cuffs And Laces

I am all for adding embellishments to your fashion items for an added expression of your taste. Little touches that change the look of what we own and giving them a new lease of appeal. We have seen aplenty of options on accessories for bags and clothing, from key fobs, bag charms (bag bugs etc) to brooches and lapel pins. But never have there been any interesting options when it comes to mens footwear. Shoe laces and socks are probably as far as you can go.

Enter Karmuel Young. A new label started in 2014 and inspired by men’s daily needs for one of a kind items. For their 1st project (collection) ‘Dress Shoe Reform’, Karmuel (who previously worked for Damir Doma in Paris and Ute Ploier in Vienna) has designed a line of luxury shoe accessories that comes in cool colour-driven leather shoe cuffs and laces. Check out the images and see what these accessories can do to your shoes. I am especially drawn to those shoe cuffs in brilliantly coloured leather or fur that adds a new depth of fun and character when strap onto your favourite shoes. The shoe cuffs transforms any shoes and refreshes them to new levels of interest. I love how the thin leather strap shoe cuff add colour and new detail to Prada's rubber sheath shoes from FW2013 or inject a spot of colourblock effect to a simple black lace-up!

Below: Add a cool colour block effect to your Prada shoes with Karmuel Young's leather shoe cuffs...

Below: Now my Ami brogues are getting a shot of brilliant red and updated for a modern look! Love these shoe cuffs:-)

To further reinforce Karmuel Young's uber cool appeal, trend forward stores the likes of Colette (Paris), LN-CC (London) and Joyce (Hong Kong) are all stockists... these creative accessories are a true shoe fan’s must have. Time to shop away at these stores (hyperlinks on the store names), prices start from £60 for shoes cuffs and £14 for shoe laces!

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Source: Karmuel Young

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I'm not entirely convinced yet that I would get one but I am very intrigued especially for the fur.