Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Louis Vuitton Initials Reversible Bracelets

Below: Louis Vuitton Initials Reversible Bracelets... reversible with 2 contrasting leather colours for 2 different styles! Love how Christian Bendek pairs it with a great Christopher Nemeth sweater from LV's Fall Winter 2015 mens collection! Check out his blog for more pics:-P
 Louis Vuitton Initials Reversible Bracelets

I am a huge propagator for wrist accessories. Small embellishments beyond the usual timepieces are a great way to add more style and personality. And it is a great subtle way to add zest and colour to your outfit. And if you can get 2 styles with 1 price, all the better.

Louis Vuitton’s Initials Reversible Bracelets spots a outstanding metal cutout of the initials ‘LV’. With monograms and branding craze returning, it is definitely appropriate to wear logos. I love that the LV initials buckle is not overwhelmingly huge and against a slim double tour 14mm Taurillon leather band in contrasting colours, this is a handsome and timeless mens accessory for any occasion. Choose from beige and black, tan and black and Bleu de saxe and black.

Just check out Christian Bendek’s blog where he demonstrates how smart the bracelet look when worn! Now I want one! Retails for £230 or approx. SGD550. Best of luck locating one:-P

Below: 3 colour combinations to suit every taste. I love the black and tan brown version!
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