Friday, 11 December 2015

Valentino Denim Couture Collection

Below: Combining 2 of the most desirable elements in a mens wardrobe... Denim and camouflage pattern... the new Valentino Denim Couture collection gets a huge thumbs up for me! I want this Denim Camouflage rucksack!

 Below: Rockrunner sneakers getting the denim camouflage treatment and it's a clear winner! Brilliant way to refresh the camouflage pattern...

Valentino Fall Winter 2015 Mens Colour Patchwork Backpacks

How many more tricks does Valentino have when it comes to their signature camouflage pattern? Camouflage prints have always appeared in many mens collection. Different brands have explored their own unique interpretation and to stand out, Valentino definitely cannot afford to be a one trick pony. They have done camubutterly, camupsychedelic and many many more innovation ways to exploit the pattern. So what can be new for the brand again?

Well, it seems the brilliant minds at Valentino decides to combine camouflage pattern with the most indispensable piece of clothing in any guy’s wardrobe... Denim! Hence, the Denim Couture collection is born. I love it:-P Two of my favourite menswear elements coming together. These are not merely printed camouflage on denim... if you observe closer, there are patchwork pieces of the leather and dark denim fused with the base denim layer to create the intricate pattern.

Who can resist a pair of Rockrunner sneakers (£500) in denim blue with striking red heel panels? Or a rucksack (£1860) with contrasting taupe leather straps and handles? I know I want both! The collection also introduces a very handsome tote and waist pouch as well as denim overalls and jeans for those who want a denim overhaul (£1325) in their style:-P

Below: The collection also features a tote bag and waist pouch...


Source: Valentino

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