Sunday, 17 January 2016

Gucci Spring Summer 2016 GG Supreme Canvas Mens Bags And Accessories

Below: Asian influences are one of the key trends seen on the mens fashion runways this Spring Summer 2016. Check out these new Gucci Bags charmingly infused with Chinese influenced motifs... Love the appliqués of birds and bees on the XL GG Floral Print Canvas tote and backpack...

Below: The new Tian GG collections takes chinese influences even further with nature prints inspired by 18th century Chinese screens and tapestries...
Gucci Spring Summer 2016 GG Supreme Canvas Mens Bags and Accessories

Asian themes are invading the mens runways for Spring Summer 2016. Louis Vuitton, Dolce Gabbana, Astrid Anderson and Marc Jacobs are some designers showing some form of interpretations of far east influences in their collections. While some of us (especially if you are chinese) might frown upon images of dragons and phoenix patterns on our fashion pieces (think chinese triad and gangsters or simply too old fashion perhaps:-P), but the rest of the world, especially the West might disagree.

Thankfully, the designers are not using these motifs wholesale and have injected their modern take, be it through colours, stylised imagery or production techniques. Gucci is one good example, where the brand has continued to refresh their once tired GG monograms and injecting new excitement to their mens bag collection.

I love the XL GG floral tote and backpack... it is kitsch in a fashionable way to have mixes of botany prints with embroidered bird and bee motifs.

The new Tian GG collection pushes chinese references even further, using GG Supreme Monogram canvas as backgrounds for floral motifs inspired by Chinese landscapes found on 18th-century tapestries and screens. Flowers, insects and birds-including dragonflies, butterflies and hummingbirds in colourful hues adding a unique east meets west flavour to these outstanding accessories. Choose from totes (USD1850) to duffle bags (USD1850), pouches and small leather goods. You either love or hate them. Thankfully, I am on the 'love' side:-P

Below: Beautiful pouch and other small leather goods in Tian GG Canvas...

Source: Gucci

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