Monday, 22 February 2016

Fendi 'Strap You' For Men And Women

Below: Fendi has a new must have accessory for Spring Summer 2016... get ready to refresh your bags (Fendi and other brands) with colourful 'Strap You' Bag straps... And the fun extends to the boys too, as they have mens version as well...Yay!

Fendi Spring Summer 2016 'Strap You' Bag Straps For Men And Women

Fendi has had much success creating add on accessories to add playful character to your prized IT bags. Bag bugs and those cute (but slightly creepy) Karlito charms or miniature monster backpack keyrings are nothing but instant sell out during their initial launch. Despite the huge price tag... fans just willingly fall in line to offer their hard earned cash for them.

For this Spring Summer 2016, Fendi wants you to part with even more of your bank resources by introducing their latest bag accessory... the Fendi 'Strap You'. Quirky and fun bag straps that offers instant refresh to any weary bags, even those that are not Fendi. Choose from simple bi-coloured versions or exotics to floral appliqués and colourful square studs for the ladies. Or for the boys, multi-coloured granite print and coloured python options. (The guys strap will be longer with a different coloured metal clasp) I’d go for the simple coloured leather ones as those will be most suited for boys.

Many may frown upon the starting price of £300 for basic bi-coloured leather versions (womens) or even more pricey ones for exotic and heavily embellished variants. But you cannot dispute that they instantly make your bags relevant and fun again. Something to kickstart the visual appeal of tired bags and bring back your love for them. Now that is what I would call, a good investment accessory. Come to think of it, those ball of fur on bag bugs or miniature monster backpack charms cost even more. So the price of around £300 is not too unreasonable.

I need one for my light grey Peekaboo... a blue and red leather strap will change the look and inject much needed newness to it! Will have to try both womens and mens version on my bag to see which looked more suitable.

What are your thoughts about this Fendi’s latest bag gimmick? Will you get one yourself?

Below: The guys version of 'Strap You'... I want the version in multi-coloured granite print!

Source: Fendi

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