Tuesday, 15 November 2016

mymanybags has revamped and moved!

New look and new URL: www.mymanybagsblog.com

It's been long overdued. But finally, myMANybags is ready to embark on a new direction with a brand new site with a revamped design and logo. The new site will bear a more modern look, emphasising original photography with a responsive design for ease of viewing on different screen sizes.

Besides the themes of mens fashion, I will also be featuring a more varied content extending beyond bags and style, sharing opinions on places, design, technology, travel and more.

To reflect this change, mymanybags will have a new web address:
. (Click on the URL to go to the new site for my recent posts)

A big thank you to all my followers and readers who have given me their unwavering support through the years. I am very thankful to have my voice heard by all of you. Hope you guys will like the new change. This old version of my blog will still be running, but future new content will now be posted on the new site. Hope to see you guys there and hear all your comments and thoughts.

(Instagram and Facebook will remain the same but with the newly revamped look)


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