Sunday, 30 March 2008

My Shopping Conquest #02

Gucci Silver Trim Open Stud Thin Belt

I have written here before that I am a fan of runway items. I have been eyeing on this silver trim thin belt by Gucci for a few weeks now. Was not 100% convinced that I like it to the extent that I want to own it. However, after the Gucci fashion show last Tuesday, this belt left a lasting impression on me, it seems I cannot get it off my mind. So many things I like about the belt. I love the patent sliver leather trimmings contrasting against the black shiny leather. The many open silver studs and the signature horsebit ring buckle are also very interesting. A belt this skinny somehow exudes a nonchalant 'biker glam' look when slung on the waist of skinny jeans or shorts. During the runway show, this belt glistens on the models and i thought to myself the belt was perfect for evening events. Very eye catching.

Initially, I had wanted to transfer the item to the Takashimaya store so I can get my 6% rebate from my Takashimaya Amex card...and also use the vouchers I amassed to offset this purchase. But the SA whom I know might have not checked properly and told me it was not available for sale. I anticipated this would happen. Seems the SAs do not know their product range very well. So I head down to the Gucci Paragon store to confirm and to my suspicions, the belt was there, on the shelf beckoning to me. Wonder what the communication error was. Maybe there is an internal politics to see who gets the sales commision. :-P

Anyways, I want to avoid any hassle and bought the belt at the Paragon store. Decided that I forgo the rebate. It was not a lot of points that I can collect from this purchase anyway, so it was no big deal.

Only 3 pieces of this belt were brought into the store. 2 were on display on the mannequins. If only they had brought in more runway pieces, I could be a big customer for them:-P

Retail price: SGD $510. Where to buy: Gucci Boutique at Paragon

7 comments: said...

this is completely random but i need to sprout this to another balenciaga fan!

in the latest issue of arena homme+ (summer/autumn 2008), there's a special preview of balenciaga menswear for autumn/winter 2008. i've not seen any pictures online yet!

i saw the pics at the magazine stand and they look amazing! there's a stunning black coat in neoprene which follows the silouette of the classic balenciaga women's coat (hunch back or bell back), a pair of C3PO-ish leggings or skinny jeans, and sumptious leather jackets.

i can't seem to find the pics! i am so excited about this! i want that black coat!! i think i am going to bring the magazine to browns and ask if they're bringing in this coat and put my name down if the price isn't too exorbitant! (i bought my first balenciaga coat at browns :D )

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

yeah, not a very appropriate comment for this post! hahahah.

I will see if I can find the arena magazine. thanks for the tip! :-P said...

i bought the mag and took some pics with my camera, not the best quality pics but should do for now!

i am in love with the egg shape coat and the one with the huge hood. i need to start saving money, like now!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Link does not seem to work. Cannot locate the pics you mentioned. Wanna email me?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I saw the pics you posted on the facebook profile! Yeah, the jackets are very well cut and amazing:-) I see what you mean about that egg shape coat.

and those C3PO leggings for men? hahhaa...why does men have to be a few seasons late to get these!

I regret not buying a balenciaga short suit pinstripe jacket from club 21 mens. That was so fitting. not left only size 50. but it costs a hefty SGD $2500. yikes! was hoping to get it over sale.. aparently, some guys am willing to pay full price for that. :-(

and I also look at the other pics in the facebook profile. I am amazed one guy actually wore the women's fall winter 2007 jacket and pants! I love those pants...oh gosh, if I knew I will check out the balenciaga store here. the jacket actually looks great on guys!

Kevin said...

do you think men can carry off the egg shaped coat? i really like that coat but not sure if it will be awkward.

i am also eyeing one of the black blazers from s/s08, hoping it will be reduced during the sale hehe

i know which pic you're talking about, this guy wearing the jodphurs and blazer from women's f/w 07 collection. i think he's quite petite so he can pull off the look. i am a balenciaga size 50 :)

my oh my. credit crunch and i am thinking about balenciaga extravagances!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I am not sure with regards to men pulling off the egg shaped jacket. You have to put it on to determine that. But from what I see in the dashion spread, it is a unique shape that not a lot of guys can easily pull that off. Could look hunch back if the proportion is not right. Best, you try it for yourself.

I am eyeing on the balenciaga jackets during sale. Let's see what's left when sale time is here. I can easily picked up long as I dun pay full price. hahha. Balenciaga is too steep.

And I hope they dig out the FW 2007 balenciaga womens items when sale arrives. I would love to get that jacket that guy is wearing. i can easily fit in any of the jackets since I am slim. hahaha. the pants look fabulous as well. quite unisex. I was worried about the fly part...cos you know men and women are anatomically different in that area. hahaha:-P

you are contributing to the economy...helping to drive demands:-) the world economy will be thankful if balenciaga fans like us continue our spending habits. lol