Sunday, 30 March 2008

My Shoe Collection #23

HE by Mango Black Leather Strap Sandals

One afternoon of being in Orchard Road, and I end up shopping uncontrollably...I thought I had survive a saturday without any purchase and was proud of that. That is not the whole truth:-P Okay, I admit I did drop by Orchard Road today because I want to get a Gucci if I come to think of it...I put myself in this situation. hahaha.

Oh well, was passing by Mango store at Shaw Centre and decided to check out Mango Menswear again. Was not really impressed the first time I saw the collection. But the sandals left a good impression on me. Reminds me of my Gucci Sandals except the leather strap is broader.

I went into the store this afternoon..seems they have gotten some new items. A few belts and new sandals. There were 2 different strap sandals available on my first visit, but now what's left was the black version with a toe ring. I was skeptical to buy the sandals at first, as the sole was too round for me. I prefer streamline shaped soles. Slender and long. However, just as I was about to leave the store, a couple came in and the boyfriend tried on the sandals the minute I put it back on the shelf. It looked really good with his skinny jeans ensemble. Immediately, the 'green light' in me buzz, and I was sold for the sandals.

In order to curb any impulse purchase, I got out of the store and linger around 'That CD Shop" for a while before I decided I will get it as the price was not too expensive. It will be a good alternative for my Gucci strap sandals and I have yet to own a pair of strap sandals in black. Plus, it will match the skinny stud belt I just got from Gucci!

Made a return to the store and asked for a new pair from the SA (the one on display looks a bit disgusting...the sole was dirty..yikes!). So this is the story of how I got my first HE by Mango item.:-P

Retail price: SGD $99. Where to buy: Mango Boutique at Shaw Centre


Anonymous said...

hi I live in the U.S.A and I'm thinking of getting both styles of the sandal that mango offer from reading your blog. I have never tried HE products as yet but before I buy them I have one question for you do they run big or is the size a true fit? I'm a size 10USA size what size did you get?
Maybe I'll call them to find out, but any help from someone who's physically handled the product will be of help. thank you so much. love your blog.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi there, welcome to my blog. Glad to be able to answer your queries about the sandals. I usually wear a size 40(Eur) or its equivalent size 7 (US).

But for this pair of HE by Mango sandals, I fit in perfectly at a size 41(Eur) but they marked the equivalent of this size to 7(US). I determine if the sandals fits well by ensuring my feet falls within the stitching along the edges of the sole. so you get a nice allowance around your entire feet.

I'd say the sandals cut a bit smaller than most shoes I bought.

call up your local Mango stores. They can offer you more accurate advise:-) Good luck in your purchase. I love the sandals! hope you enjoy them too.:-)

flowers and leaves said...

hey there, i checked out ur blog as i was researching on HE by Mango before i head out to check out the store tml. would like to thank u for some info and wondering if u would allow me to link ur blog to mine? :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Glad the info helps. Feel free to link my blog to yours. Cheers!:) Have a good shopping trip.


Anonymous said...

Hi!! Do they still sell the sandals? It looks really nice for a casual/dress sandal.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I am afraid these may be difficult to find now as they are from last years' spring summer season. Do not feel disappointed, cos' the new spring summer season sees some stunning sandal designs and I am sure one will come along that tickles your fancy!:-)

I will blog on good ones as the season unfolds. So keep a watch on this space!